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ED via mastrubation

ED via mastrubation

Id like to start this thread to inform the users of this forum about my situation in hope that it will be useful to other members who may have the same problem as me.

I’m 22 years old, healthy, have bad habits but never had any major problem occur due to to my smoking/drinking and I have had erection problems for the past two years. I go to check ups regularly and my urologist says I have absolutely no physical reason to have ED but it still keeps happening to me. So I decided to review my sexual habits to see if anything I am doing is the cause of my problem.

First things first a list of things I can physically see happen to my penis:

-It goes limp after a few seconds of no stimulation
-Even when fully erect my glans is softer then my shaft
-No morning wood
-I have had discoloration prior to any PE efforts

Sexual habits:
-I have been masturbating since I was 7 (yes 7 very very early in life I know)
-When I was in my teenage years I masturbated even in between sex
-During those same years I could have sex for hours before cumming, now I can hardly control myself

After a very bad breakup with my previous girlfriend I decided it was time to take some action and either come to terms with my ED or find some way to live with it. This is roughly the same time I discovered this place and started reading about the problems that occure while PEing, and I learned about negative PI. This got me thinking and so I decided to “put the dick down” for an extended period of time to see if it would have any significant effect on my erection. And it did boy, it did!!

Two weeks into the pause I started getting floppy erections, and by the third I woke up with an erection the size I could hardly remember. It was extremely hard all the way threw (including glans). I could hardly bend it in any direction. Confident again I went out in search of pussy to check weather or not I can have sex like in my teenage years. To my delight it was working again! Perfectly! I could maintain a erection for a extended period of time, my BC muscle could handle the load whenever I was reaching the point of climax, it was awsome again.

Happy with my results I started PEing very lightly and go figure after a few weeks of stretching and jelqing I started masturbating again. After a few days of masturbation I suddenly noticed that my unit was having problems again. I examined my penis closely and I discovered that the discoloration on my penis occurs at the same place where my index finger and thumb grab my unit. I left the boy alone for 2 weeks again, and my penis was back to normal.

I was gripping my unit so much that it started flopping, I’m not quite sure what all the physical damage was but I can safely say that my ED was caused by frequent and tight masturbation, to the point where I might have been damaging my veins (the discoloration appears very closely to the veins on both my shaft skin and fore skin)

I don’t know if anyone has had a problem like this but I did and this is my conclusion on the subject. I hope it serves and helps someone with a similar problem.

P.S: I have since quit masturbating with a grip, and if I do masturbate (now a rare occasion thanks to my babe) I only stimulate the glans with a very light touch to the glans.

It was probably an irritation, try masterbating with the other hand. Take genseng for better more consistant erections. Sounds like you are on the rebound.


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