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ED problems

ED problems

Im only 22 and before I started PE I had a very hard erections. Now im PE´ing for about year and 2 months. I gained so far 1 Inch. Im should be pretty happy with it, but Im not. My erection is disgusting. I cant get it hard for more than 2-3 seconds, first I get it I have to enter my gf and start moving coz (because) I know its gonna fall down. I have a great GF she helps me really much, so I still can satisfier her. But thats not the way it should happen. I found a tread here with the equal problem, I stopped jerking off and watch no more porno. I didn’t PE´ed for a two weeks, but it seems that it didn’t help me. =( I don’t know what to do.

PS: actually last week I had really much sex, 3-6 orgasms per day (so I don’t think its psychological problem). But my GF always have to do oral to help me get erection.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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Have you seen a doctor? That would be where I would start, rule out any medical/physical problems causing poor erections. Get you T checked, and for shits and giggles have your PSA checked as well.

Granted at 22, you shouldn’t be having these types of problems, however you are. Unless there has been some type of injury to your penis, PE in itself should not cause erection difficulties. You don’t say what type of routine you have been using, so it is difficult to determine whether or not you have somehow injured yourself.

Listen to the guys here, they will be able to guide you. But I do recommend you see a doctor.

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> 3-6 orgasms per day

Wow. Maybe your dick is tuckered out? Mine would be. Try taking a break for several days - no sex, masturbation or PE.


You need to give it a rest. Try no pe for a week and keeping ejaculation down to once a day. I think you’ll see dramatic results.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Dog, you dick is just plain worn out. Take a 3 day break.

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Dog; Do you get fully firm when you masturbate? Do you have a good pattern of firm nocturnal erections?



Thx guys for trying to help. It’s a really nice forum here. I suppose that my dick was really tied. I took 3 days off, and last night it was rock hard till I got my first orgasm. And as a reward for this 3 days, my GF said to me last night.. - He is so hard, and is much bigger than I thought.

Thx 2 everyone, and happy PE´ing in a NEW YEAR!

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