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ED possible so young


ED possible so young

Sometimes when I’m having sex with my gf I find it hard to stay hard or not have rock hard ones like I use to a couple years ago. I’m only 19 so I know somethings not right. Can I take something to get the rock hard ones we both like?

It’s probably just mental. How long have you been with your girlfriend? When I was a bit younger I had a couple of long-term relationships(3 years and 2 years). It’s normal to get bored of your girlfriend.

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Over 5 year

One thing even at young age, may be bad lifestyle, that makes erection weaker. Too much work and not enough sleep can be often enough for weaker erection.


Arrange a break from each other of a week or two or three. You don’t necessarily have to have sex with others - just don’t be together during that time except on the phone.

Don’t have sex one night. Instead, go to bed with a glass of wine on each bedside table and talk about your mutual sexual fantasies, as wild as they may be. In five years, you have both changed and grown and my bet is that you haven’t kept in touch with each other about those changes. If you started having sex together at 14 you probably have a lot of talking to do.

Btw, fantasies are only fantasies. If she tells you she fantacizes about having sex with three men at one time, don’t freak. You have some that would be equally off-putting to her. The talk is just to open doors that both of you would not mind opening. We all get bored with the “same old” after 5 years of it.



This probably happens to a lot of guys. Whenever I’m getting really stressed about something, I can get 80% erect, but then I won’t ejaculate and will eventually get frustrated and soften up. It’s almost certainly mental, since I’m rock hard and good to go when I’m feeling positive and confident. All kinds of thing can affect this with me (positive developments at work lead to a few days of extra horniness, too much emphasis of on having sex every day to try and conceive ASAP actually kills my libido, etc).

My guess is that since you’re 19, it’s probably mental with you too, unless you are morbidly obese or on drugs. So take a little time to sort out what’s eating you in life or in the relationship. If there are big external factors at work (deceased loved one, unemployment, clinical depression, bad relationship with the girlfriend then you probably need to deal with those issues before worrying about bonking your girl. That’s just your body’s way of setting priorities for you. It would be good if you can include the girlfriend in the process of figuring things out.

If it’s something mild like boredom in the relationship and performance anxiety, then that’s easier. Spend some time together just hanging out and having fun with no expectation of sex or having to perform. (If she begs for it, and you really don’t feel like it, just tell her so. She’ll probably be cool about it if it clears up within reasonable amount of time.) Talk a lot, and try talking about new things that you’ve not discussed with each other before. Within a couple of days, you should be back to peak performance. Relationships aren’t all about sex, and in a very real way, the intimacy and bonding of the nonsexual aspects of your relationship provide fuel for the sexual bonfire. In a long term relationship, you need to replenish that fuel every now and then.

I’m thinking it’s the sex thats boring. She always wants to do it the same way and it gets boring for me. Pants around one ankle, rest of the clothes left on and on her bed missionary. Once in a while we will have some kinky sweaty sex but not too often. It could be mental because when we have foreplay and mess around for a while I can stay rock hard untill I cum. She’s says it hurts any other way

How big’s your penis? Just asking because if she says it hurts any way other than missionary, it may be your length. You can get more penis in doggy style, her on top, and missionary with her legs on your shoulders. Get her to experiment with some of these other positions. Start having sex in different places. If you’re always doing it in the same place, same position, same everything, of course it’s going to get boring.

After you get her broken in with the other positions, then start working on your own uhm…delivery. Be a little more aggressive with her. Pull her hair back when you’re hitting it doggy style. Smack her ass. Ask her if she likes it. Be verbal with her. Most women like to be talked to when you’re having sex with them. Adopt the mindset that you’re the MAN. I know that might sound obvious, but think about it for a bit. Imagine that you’re a lion/gorilla whatever and she’s just a little bunny. Toss her around a bit, manhandle her. Talk in a deep voice, growl a bit if you feel like it. Turn her over on her stomach and go to town on that ass. Grab those cheeks like you fucking mean it. Bite her ass, bite her neck, just don’t draw blood. Women instinctively respond to this kind of behavior. It trips some switch deep inside their brains that says “Ok, he’s a big aggressive cave-dude, but I feel safe in his hands, so I’ll let him do whatever to me and I’ll enjoy it”. First she has to feel comfortable, then she’ll give herself to you. Be a man, dude.

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Hey Touchmyrod, You look at a lot of internet porn?

I am 34 years old so when I was your age, I had to look at porn in mags and videos. Videos were always a bitch to set up in a private area and both magazines and videos are hard to stash in safe places. For that reason, I used to just knock ‘em off using my imagination. Once the high speed internet revolution came about, I found myself looking at internet porn to get off. It got to the point where I could only get it up if:

A. Actually going to have sex or,
B. Looking at porn

It was impossible to just picture a hot girl in my mind and get hard like the old days. After I found the possible connection, I banned internet porn (not easy) and practiced using the good old fashioned movie projector in my head. Not only did my erections become stronger, I didn’t have to manipulate it as much to keep it there. Another good thing about using your imagination over porn is that most people tend to get right to the point with porn. This doesn’t help when your woman wants to have a longer bout of sex. You’ll start out hard but since your brain isn’t trained to focus that long, you begin to get soft mid-sex. If this sounds like you, try this if your willpower is strong enough. Remember, your big brain controls your little brain more than you think! :)

*post thought* Having a good imagination will help you fantasize when you are with your girlfriend. If it gets boring, you will have the power to pretend she is somebody else, or you are doing something crazy. The possibilities are endless. It’s like jerking off without having to use your hands!

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler

I banned internet porn

You’re a better man than I. :o

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I’m 7 1/2 x 5 3/4. We tried doing it doggy style last night and she just jumped forward and couldn’t do it.

Originally Posted by touchmyrod
I’m 7 1/2 x 5 3/4. We tried doing it doggy style last night and she just jumped forward and couldn’t do it.

You’re almost exactly my size. Yeah, you have to be careful. Don’t thrust all the way in when you doing doggy. I start hitting stuff in there when I go all the way in. She only likes that when she’s really turned on. Remember that the vagina changes shape inside when she becomes aroused. If she’s not horny enough, her vagina is actually more shallow because it hasn’t “tented” inside.

Bpel 7" Eg 5.5" - Start Aug 25 2005 Bpel 7 3/8" Eg 5.5" - Nov 4 2005 Bpel 7 1/2" Eg 5.5" - Dec 26 2005 AKA italguy.

I like thrusting in all the way, some times ill forget and ill go in balls deep and it’s hurt her before to where we had to stop. She screamed like hell

From your posts, TMR, it sounds like your girlfriend is either uncomfortable with sex or the relationship. Your cock isn’t freakishly huge. Unless she is very small, she is hurting because she is not lubricating and loosening up down there. Problems like that are probably in her head.

Since you said that she always wants to leave the clothes on (pants on the ankles) in the missionary position, it sounds more likely that her problem is feeling self-conscious about sex. You need to patiently help her broaden her horizons.. Starting with getting more of her clothes off. I would suggest that you start learning sensual massage and use that as an intermediate way to get more of her clothes off during sexual encounters. She might be insecure about her body, so give her a lot of affirmation (“you’re so beautiful”, “you have great boobs - it makes me harder when I can see your sexy boobs”, “your shoulders are so elegant”, etc) You might also want to try other positions that are not such a drastic change as doggy style- missionary position with her legs above your shoulders, “spooning” (on the side), or woman on top.

There is a lesser but still significant chance that she is tired of the relationship. It happens to a lot of people at your age as the move from high school and their hometowns to go working or go to college or join the military. When one stays in the old home town and the other goes away, it is very rare for the couple to stay together. Very few highschool sweethearts actually stick together. People just change too much in those years. If you feel that the relationship has been running on fumes and suspect that she feels the same way, then just ask if feels that way and maybe it is time to break up.

I had the same problem as you, and I’m the same age-except mine was more severe. I was thinking suicidal thoughts I was so upset that ED struck me so young.

I stopped masturbating and looking at porn for one week, went on a 2 mile walk every day, and started taking l-arg/maca. When I went to masturbate at the end of the week I stayed ROCK hard, and shot a HUGE load.

I think the 3 times daily death-grip masturbation was starting to wear out my penis.


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