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ED no more

ED no more

So a lot of threads on here are about trouble getting hard during sex. Some are even from young guys. I got a late start sexually, but I’ve had a lot of experiences lately. When I got started, I had the same problem. I could have a rock hard erection when jacking off, but would have trouble when with a girl, very odd. It was obviously psychological since I could get fully erect and ejaculate. I’m 26 now, so it’s not an age thing. I’ve been with a few girls and I have no problem staying erect for a long time during sex. Here’s some advice for other young guys with this problem.

Avoid all porn. When I first gave it up, I had problems maintaining any erection for a while. It was kind of scary. But I’m better than ever now. It’ll take some time to adjust.

Avoid being drunk or tired during sex.

If you’re expecting sex, avoid masturbating that day.

This is the biggest one: just practice. If you haven’t done it much before, your brain just has to adjust to a different way of getting off.

I’m on an anti-depressant, Citalopram, so I have discovered a reduction in libido. While both the initial dosage and a 50% increase 12 weeks later resulted in almost a week of no masturbation to ejaculation in each, after 3-4 weeks I recovered most of the libido. I became very cognizant of maintaining erection quality and erections. While I haven’t had sex yet since starting, Joe_joe’s recommendations are spot on.

I would also add reducing caffeine seems to help. I have pretty much quit caffeine now from a half gallon a day of coffee habit for the last few years (I took a week off from work so I didn’t drink coffee. Now I’ll switch to two cups of green tea and that’s it). I’ve noticed way more libido, erection quality, and all of that.

Exercise that has some cardiovascular element, whether it is true cardio (yuck) or interval type work/intense exercise seems to have a positive effect on libido too. When I get lazy for weeks the libido seems to drop.


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Yeah, maintaining general health is good, eat healthy and get exercise. You mentioned green tea, I’ve heard that helps too. I guess there’s a ton of foods too that help, banana, celery, seafood.

Good post joe_joe. I have currently hopped on the “no porn” band-wagon.

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