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ED at 20?!!!!!

ED at 20?!!!!!

Okay, so I am 20 years old and worried. My erections just aren’t that strong and it seems like I can only get to full attention with vaseline or something like it. Even then it does not stick but subsides after a few seconds without stimulation. My stats are not that great. I’m probably 15-20 lbs overweight and I don’t do much cardio. Some times my erections are better but right now I am in somewhat of a rough patch that really just came on all of a sudden. I recently started taking some NO2 boosters and quit smoking weed so I think I am headed on the right track. Anyway, what do you guys think could be the problem? has anybody gone through this at this age? I’m trying to naturally fix it before I look towards medication. Viagra at 20?……I’m really hoping I can do something about this. Thanks

You should see a doctor about this issue to make sure nothing’s wrong with your general health. Since you’re describing a problem that you’re having even on your own (not just in the presence of women), it sounds like it may not be psychological in nature, and you shouldn’t be having any physiological problems with erections at age 20.

oh man, I was just reading up on venous leakage. I hope to god I don’t have that

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Hoping for: 9 bpl x 6.25 g

To anyone’s knowledge has PE caused venous leakage for anyone here?

Do you watch alot of porn?

Are you on any kinds of meds?

How long ago did you quit smoking weed?

Are you depressed? Do you feel over pressured to get an erection when it’s “time to get to business”?

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How often do you exercise? How often do you masturbate/have sex? Have you tried abstaining from masturbaiting for a few days? As humans we get used to routine; whether its watching porn and wanking every night or having sex with the same partner for years…

When I have a sexual experience with someone new, I have a rock hard erection, my dick has never looked bigger it feels like its gonna explode its so hard. But if i’m having a wank, or having sex with my partner, its still hard, but it lacks the excitement of somebody new so I don’t get a boner that feels as though my dick is made of lead.

What I’m trying to say is… the same old routine can get boring, maybe your depressed, lacking exercise, bored of the routine or all of the above. A way to test would be… don’t cum for about 4 days…. If after 4 days when you masturbate you have a rock hard erection, you’ll know there’s nothing physiologically wrong with you - and its probably more psychological; although more excercise can never hurt!

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I heard a doctor on the radio say an erection is a barometer of a man’s vascular health. The erectile chambers are just specialized blood vessels.

If you’re circumcised consider wearing a skin retainer to make your glans more sensitive.


Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
You should see a doctor about this issue to make sure nothing’s wrong with your general health…

What he says.

And don’t worry about venous leakage until there is reason to believe you have it.

Usually, in a twenty year-old, periods of ED end up being related to periods of anxiety - about whatever. Of course, the more you worry about it, the worse it gets. A self-fulfilling prophesy.

First step is to get checked out by a doctor who knows something about ED. Very likely - even if you are prescribed an ED drug - you won’t be on it for long as your erection level will hit its stride again and you will be just fine.



Originally Posted by ograx

Do you watch alot of porn?

Yeah. Being overstimulated can cause it for me. Porn brainwashes you(/and your penis) to the idea that all woman are hot, bikini wearing, sluts ready to take it in the ass and swallow cum…and all before breakfast.

Hey Delaware2,

I experienced something similar when I was 21 and it lasted for quite a long time. My advice to you:
-Relax. Don’t let this get into your head
-If there are any obvious factors that look like potential causes, eliminate them from your life. In my case, I had been taking Propecia (side effects can include ED) and I was drinking about 10 cups of coffee/day. Got rid of these 2 habits.
-Go to a doctor and get a health check if needed. Make sure the doctor is receptive to your problem: what I mean is make sure he not a jerk who is not comfortable discussing sexuality or something like that. Back when I had this problem, I went to a doctor who was a man around 60 years old and he basically just told me that I had nothing and that I would not get a Viagra prescription from him (event hough I had not asked for one).
-Use your dick: have sex, do light PE, masturbate. As they say “use it or you lose it”.

Things got better (to the point where my erection was always sufficient for sex) in about 8 months for me. Since then, I have seen a slow but constant improvement. I am now 28, I never get 100% erections like I use to get (worst 80%- best 95%) and I’m happy with it.

You could give this a try.

Hold the ridge just under the glans with a ‘scissors’ type of grip with the middle and third finger.
(It has to be at the join of the fingers for a good grip). Palm facing upwards. If you are uncircumsized pull the foreskin away from the glans

Then, give a slight tug. Not a heavy pull just enough to get a reaction ‘pulldown’ from the muscles at the base of your penis. Then give gentle tugs to stimulate more pullback from your muscles.

Do this for a few minutes and you should have the start or even a full erection.

You can also push down if you have a start of an erection. Then gently tug upwards again.

Hope that helps. And let us know if it works for you;l or not!


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