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E.D. help please

E.D. help please

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I hope I don’t screw it up too bad.

I can rarely achieve a 100% erection, I’m usually between 80-90% (90% if I’m lucky). On top of this, I loose what erection I had almost imediately after ejaculating where I go into a quasi-flacid state with a soft 4inch length (standard for me is 6 erect nbpl and around 3flacid). Even worse, my ejaculate barely overfills a thimble. If I take a day or two off sex and masturbation it gets a little better (I havent gone longer than maybe 3 days in two years).


At this age I should be a friggin champeen in the sack so I’m obviosly spooked. I haven’t had my hormone levels or sperm count checked. I haven’t tried any pe yet because part of me thinks I just need rest. I figured you guys might be able to help me out or offer opinions before I seek advise from my physician.

Sorry to hear about this. Are you under any stress like school, work, money or lack of money? Are you anxiety prone? Depressed? Stressed in general? Did you get a new girl recently?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Firstly Heterosapian, don’t get too worried about it. Worrying will only compound the problem. Its a great idea to go and see your physician, I am sure he will give you all kinds of useful advice.

Make sure you are eating a balanced diet, with foods that are rich in zinc. Also just as important is to drink enough water to keep your body nicely hydrated. Even though you are only 20, make sure you are getting enough sleep, don’t drink too much caffeine, cut down on smoking (if you do smoke), and get plenty of exercise.

Your physician should talk you through any other issues that might be important.

Good luck.

Are you diabetic, do you take any kind of medication because all of the anti depress pills can do that.

The best thing to do go see your physician.

Hetrosapian: I have had similar complaints - your words seem all too similar.

I’m 22 and my refractory period (time after sex before I can achieve an erection again) is quite long, usually a few hours. I Also know what you mean about not being able to achieve a rock hard erection. One thing that has definitely helped me recently is I have just started taking L-Arginine, the 500mg caps. This definitely makes a difference, I am only taking 2-3 caps a day. Before my erections would often go quickly and feel weak, now they are harder and longer lasting.

I’m not sure if I can achieve harder erections from doing PE, if so it is not that noticeable. I’ve been racking my brains too, but like Twatteaser said it could be stress/anxiety. Is it a recent thing or have you allways noticed your erections weren’t that strong?

I’m fairly new here but heres my advice:
- Try to cut down on masturbation, give yourself a good week off. Your unit could just be tired from the wanking.
- Maybe start a light newbie routine, many have said that PE improves erection quality, but be warned: do not overdo things, you will end up in worse situation than you are in now. (check Luvdadus’ Newbie routine and you cant go wrong).
- Consider taking L-Arginine, for me it has improved my confidence in the bedroom and improved my erection quality for PE purposes also. It apparently increases your load but I haven’t noticed, maybe because of the low volume I am taking. Many suggest around 3g but if 1.5 grams works for me I’m not going to overdose.

If things don’t improve visit your doctor or a good urologist.

But believe me you came to the right place. Feel free to PM me anytime, Melv :)


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