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Dry Skin, Sensitivity, and now a small bump

Dry Skin, Sensitivity, and now a small bump

Hey everyone,

Ok, here’s the run down, I have a circumcised penis, and have been experiencing areas of extra sensitivity just under the head (not on the shaft skin, the skin directly underneath the glands, which I guess would be the prepuce). I’ve experienced some really dry skin there before, like to the point where it cracked and had to form really small scabs to heal, if I remember correctly. Now, its sensitive again, but there’s no cracking. Instead there’s what seems to be a small bump (no more than like .5mm in diameter), which is more sensitive on part of the sensitive area. The rest of the area that seems sensitive is just skin. It’s been sensitive for over a week now. The bump doesn’t seem like a scab, and its not increasing in size so I don’t think its any sort of growth. Any idea guys? If you need more details just let me know, I’m aware it’s kind of vague, but that’s the best way for me to convey my problem right now.

Thanks for any help.

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What do you use for soap when you bathe or shower, aimin?



YOU need to give a little more information aimin. Are you using lubricant -What. And what colour is the pimple.

Is it only on your penis you get skin problems?

It would possibly help if you describe your routine as well. A picture would be even better if you can provide one.


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This is more of a general health issue. I haven’t done PE in over 6 months, probably closer to a year even. For soap I just use regular soap, Irish springs I think.

The spot/bump is ever so slightly darker than my skin (I have dark skin). The only reason it’s really concerning is because its sensitive and this has been an area with issues before.

I don’t have dry skin issues anywhere else really.

Current: BPEL - 7.375", NBPEL - 6 1/8" - 6 1/4", EG - 5.375"

Goals (Modest): BPEL - 7 3/4", EG - 5 3/4"

Goals (Maybe one day): BPEL - 8.5", EG - 6 "

Areas of dry skin often have more sensitive little patches. Try using a light hand or face moisturiser on the area for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. Rinse the soap off well when you shower and then use the moisturiser afterwards. Hopefully that will sort the problem out. It may also be a good idea to apply a little moisturiser before masturbation also.

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Irish Spring is an extremely drying soap. It has a high lye content. I suggest switching to Dove or another soap formulated for sensitive skin. Remember that whole area of the penis is dried mucous tissue so always treat it better. No doubt you notice when you shower that a lot of water runs off your body, down your penis, and then right off the very spot you’re talking about? That’s probably getting a lot of soap and soap isn’t recommended for your genitals at all. That, combined with the usual irritation of clothing and manipulation can cause a lot of issues.

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I agree with Jason’s assessment. The skin there, and the glans are internal organs and should be treated as such. I am also circumcised and have had sensitive spots and dry skin in the same area. Fortunately for me they have been infrequent and short lived.

This reminded me of back when I was a kid. My younger brother begged my mom to purchase some Irish Spring soap. When she finally did, he carved it up with a knife. Why would he do such a thing? ;)


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