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Dry Orgasms


Couga, I you are either young, or are just used to ejaculating every time during sex. If either of this is the case, then it will be harder for you to do what we are talking about here. It may not feel as good. But in order to stay young, you may want to start thinking about not ejaculating as much.

The guys here who found ways to enjoy intercourse without ejaculation will never switch back to squirting every time. To me personally, a dry orgasm or a wet orgasm is just a relief at the end and not much more. It is not a goal in sex. I enjoy sex all throughout, having many orgasmic muscle spasms before I decide to have, or not to have, the real orgasm. Often, if I stop early, I will still be fully satisfied.

If you do it right, with channeling the energy and everything, it is healthy too. The Chinese have been doing this for centuries. I do not care what urologists say, they do not teach them this in medical school. Most of them don’t know much about sex, they only know how to help a guy pee, I know this from experience. They will also tell you that PE does not exist. And that the earth is flat.

Marky, I think if I try to realax TOTALLY, I may pee myself! :p

Glanzino, keep reading, keep reading. Buy books that cheeva recommends in his Dick Control Primer thread, else it is easy to get confused by reading every post here.

Iamaru, I do not know why you have goats on your mind, I prefer girls. I was having fun with my new stripper girlfriend and her homegirl today. They got tired, so she wanted me to come. She tightened that pussy when I was about to have an orgasm, which took half the fun out of it. I could not relax fully, so instead of having a normal orgasm, I had only half of it, and I had to continue thrusting through it. Then I pulled out and had the other half. My legs went soft and I crushed on the bed next to her. She grabbed my cock and started to squeeze it, looking where the sperm was, LOL! Funny! I think she believed me when I told her I had an orgasm, lol, but if she did not then next time I am going to tell her to search for “Dry Orgasms”.

Hey, I just recalled something. This is the thing that gave me my first dry orgasm about a year ago:

I did not like it all that much, and I used it maybe only a handful of times after that, but it did teach me a lot. I learned where my prostate was, how it felt, how to flex it, and how to hold it tight when an orgasm was coming. Only a year later did I realize that I do not have to have that pain in the butt piece of plastic in my ass to keep my prostate tight during an orgasm, and to relax all other muscles. Give it a try. Even if you do not like it, you probably would agree that it is very… educational, LOL!


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