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Don't know what to do

Don't know what to do

I’m not sure if this post belongs here, maybe it should go in the “general”, but I can’t post there, and this has been bothering me for some time now. Thought maybe someone would know something about this.

Around 2 years ago when I went to the bathroom, my penis got stuck to a tissue that I left there cause it was leaking .
When I pulled it out, it felt like I was yanking it off like a sticker, there was a drop of blood, and a little pain when I urinated. (After that there was no pain or blood)

This is what I realized a short while later: the tip of the urethral opening where the urine comes out from got cut/stretched about a millimeter, and the immediate innard part - the last part of the urethra that the urine goes thru before coming out - got pulled out to the environment, and the skin texture of the now new tip of the penis, (which really belongs in the urethra) is very delicate (it’s kind of a loose and hanging tip, not a firm and fitted one) and gets stuck very easily to anything when it’s wet or sweat, and more so even with a tiny drop of sperm, and even when it’s dry I’m a whole time thinking about, and it making sure it doesn’t get caught & stretched by my boxers or when I sit down it shouldn’t stretch the tip. (B/c if I’m not careful it does get stuck and feels like it might rip, and I have to make my boxers wet to loose it from my penis).

If you just look at the tip from 5-10 feet away you wouldn’t notice anything, but if you stand within a few feet of it you could tell that the tip is a different shade (the color of that kind of skin from the inside of the urethra) and a more delicate texture. And when you look closer you could tell that the bottom part of the hole is pushed out a drop, (that was the part that was cut/stretched a little

And when I urinate it stretches the cut, which makes the little piece look like a “spout”.(don’t over imagine all this, I’m just trying to explain as best as possible, please bare with me).

So basically, everyday I can’t sit down on chair and relax, b/c I’m always making sure that the tip of my penis doesn’t get caught in hither & tither, and it’s literally making me very sour.

What complicates things even more is that when ever I get
Aroused, the first thing that happens is that
The lube that comes b/4 the semen, that lubricates the shaft for the semen
Starts to leak (there is a medical term to that lube - a Dr. Told it to me - but I forgot it) and besides it being just plain annoying b/c it’s wetting my undies, it further complicates things in regards to the tip of my penis.

I finally got the courage (it wasn’t easy) and went to a urologist around a year ago and he said it was a inflammation and said I should take Diproleen (steroid cream) three times daily 30 days I spoke to the pharmacist and he thought it was too extreme b/c it would make the skin crack. (Personally I think that the skin was pulled out from the urethra, and not a simple irritation and if it didn’t heal by now, I’m just very skeptical)

I wanted to know if you’ve had this happen to you or are familiar with this situation. All feedback will be very appreciated.

- Thank you!

P.s. I did try the cream for about a month and did not see a improvement.

I moved your thread here.

My guess is that when you first pulled the tissue off, you yanked some of the flesh that would ordinarily be inside the opening of your meatus (your pee hole) outward and this is a section of the lining of your urethra.

What leaks when you get aroused is called “pre-cum” and it’s normal for that to happen, furthermore there’s nothing you can do to stop that process. Probably when the pre-cum dries (its sticky, like glue) in your underwear, the flesh that never healed right originally gets adhered to your underwear, and the area of concern becomes even more irritated when you “unglue” your glans from your underwear later.

Since this is a continuing irritation, I think you should see a good urologist and ask about having the area permanently repaired surgically. Don’t let the surgery part scare you; this is a minor proceedure and the penis is an area that heals very, very quickly afterward. And then, end of your problem.



I was thinking; what would a procedure do? Cut off the skin? And then when it heals why would it heal better then when it healed by me 2 years ago (albeit imperfectly)?

If I understand the problem, you now have a tissue flap outside that used to be inside your urethra. That can be put back inside and after the healing occurs, it will stay there, where it’s supposed to be. It healed imperfectly before because it was displaced. That is sensitive mucous membrane and belongs in a protected and continually moist environment, not out in the air or where it rubs against fabric and other things.



This does sound like a simple procedure for a “GOOD” Urologist. It’ll be painful for maybe a week, then you’ll be good to go.

Originally Posted by avocet8

If I understand the problem, you now have a tissue flap outside that used to be inside your urethra.

Actually, it’s not a flap hanging out. What it is: I’ll try to explain: the hole of the penis

Where the urine goes out from is not surrounded by the same skin that was surrounding it 3 years ago (before not —>b/4 the incident), it’s a pink skin that came from inside, that was pulled out. But it’s not hanging out, it’s just like a loose tip instead of a firm rounded out one.

I get it; I imagined that to be the case. And it doesn’t matter. Can be repaired or dealt with.




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