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Doing only Reverse Kegels????

Doing only Reverse Kegels????

Do you think doing only reverse kegels will have a negative effect on ejacualtion time??

I would think it would increase staying power. Some have complained doing Kegels causes premature ejaculation. Others say it helps. I think reverse Kegels are helpful because holding off the contractions is the trick. Clamping the BC down will certainly stop an ejaculation and allow for multiple orgasms (truly mind-blowing) - but is difficult to master. However, I’ve yet to get to 100% and have even backslid down to about 50%. Reverse Kegels will help delay the ejaculation in the first place - certainly a good idea. Mastering both is the Holy Grail in my mind though!

Anyone got his down yet? I do about 200 a day various types. Any thoughts?

I have tried this actually, and had some success, but didn’t really stay with it. I noticed that doing rapid and quick reverse kegels during sex was much more beneficial compared to holding long reverse kegels the whole time which I believe made me come even quicker. Maybe holding it for long periods of time overworked the muscle making me come quicker, while short powerful reverse kegels didn’t overwork the BC but delayed the contractions. So try that and see how it works.

Hey Thanks. That is a good idea. Do you think reverse kegels have an effect on ejaculation distance?

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