Does anyone else think this guy maybe didn't measure himself properly.

This is part of a documentary on youtube made in 2007 called “My penis and everyone else’s”.

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It’s an reasonably interesting documentary but what I want to talk about is around 28:50, the interviewer (who is 3.5 inches) interviews a guy who wants has serious size anxiety and wants to do surgery. Now the thing that struck me as odd is he said his size was 7x6. The length I don’t really have doubts but he said with a 6 inch girth, he’s had girls say he has a skinny dick… One of his biggest issues was wanting to be “thick” My thoughts were 1) He’s lying. 2) He didn’t measure properly. 3) The girls just wanted to piss him off.

Maybe there are guys out there walking around with 8 inch girths that I don’t know about haha. I honestly thought 6 was like the golden standard.