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Doctors wrong again

Doctors wrong again

Thrilled: Gordon and Leilani Wallace and their baby Kenneth, who was born after Gordon had his vasectorny reversed.
Picture: Joe Sabljak

Oh boy, a perfect 10
Michelle Pountney

THE arrival of little Kenneth made a perfect 10 for the Wallace family of Corio.

Kenneth Laurence Maxwell Wallace was the baby Leilani and Gordon Wallace thought they could never have.
Mrs Wallace, 37, had her tubes tied after the birth of her third daughter 11 years ago, and Mr Wallace, 48, had a vasectomy about 14 years ago.

Mr Wallace had six children from an earlier marriage ranging in age from 15 to 28 as well as an 18-month-old granddaughter and more grandchildren on the way. Mrs Wallace had three daughters aged 11 to 16.

But after the couple married 18 months ago, they decided to see if they could have a child.

“When I had my vasectomy the surgeon said there would be no more kids because after 12 months the testicles don’t produce sperm any more,” Mr Wallace said.

“But it turns out that’s not the case.”

Mr Wallace’s sperm were retrieved through a testicular biopsy and individual sperm were injected into Mrs Wallace’s eggs.

The third embryo implantation resulted in Kenneth being born at 8.16pm on July 21.

“He’s our little miracle child because we never thought we would be able to have a baby at all. We are just so grateful,” Mrs Wallace said.,5478,16263437^2862,00.html

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

That doesn’t prove much, does it? The fact that they retrieved a few viable sperm doesn’t mean the testes are producing enough to claim fertility. If a guy has under 50,000 sperm in a single ejaculate he’s considered infertile. Why does the title claim “vasectomy reversed” when it’s not even implied in the story?

One of my satisfied customers said this to me the other day, “You and sperm have a lot in common. You have 1 in 50,000 chance of becoming human.”

"Drunk chics dig me."


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