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Do I have jock itch or dry skin from jelging?

Do I have jock itch or dry skin from jelging?

I wasnt sure where to post this so I figured I would start here.
I notice some dry skin under my shaft and thought it could be jock itch? If it is how do I cure it? I remember I got it once when I was in my teens but cant remember the name of the cream?

Or could it be from jelging with bath soap? Maybe just dry skin and nothing to worry about? TIA


It’s probably dry skin. Never jelq with bath soap (drying agent), that could be the culprit in giving you this problem. Use some vaseline intensive care cream to help moisturize you back to normal, and find another jelq lubricant. Light amounts of baby oil gel work great.


I just posted a prob similar to this on the newbie board. I get these irritation marks of differing size on my penis from jelqing. I am not sure if it is the lub I use or my hands which are pretty calloused. Sounds like you are in the same boat as me.

Hey jm, I just replied to your other thread about the red dots you are getting. Here is what I wrote:

“I just started PE a few weeks ago and I, like you, get the same effect. From what I have read it is normal for people new to PE to get these. Gradually as your penis gets used to the added pressure and blood flow you will notice them less and less. Hope this helps”

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I’ve had the problem from time to time. There are many things it could be. Most likely it is not Jock itch. The soap is probably irritating your skin. I would stop using that immediately. You may also have developed a skin allergy. I have stopped using detergent that contains any dyes or scents as they made me develop little itchy bumps all over the area. I’d suggest that you find a cream to use that is non allergenic when you jelq. To relieve the itch you can use a mild strength cortisone cream (.05%). If you can find one with aloe that will be even better. If you do have jock itch, there are numerous over the counter creams that you can use to clear it up, but I would try the other remedies first and see if that helps.



you were right it was the soap,

I use some lube during the day

sometimes at night in the shower I use the bath gel soap

thats what did it

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