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Do I have erectile dysfunction

Do I have erectile dysfunction

Hi guys, there is some thing I worry about.
It seems that I do not get hard morning erections anymore. I still get lots of morning erections, but it seems they are not as strong anymore and sometimes they are not fully hard. I also do not feel the erections anymore. Basically when I’m in doze I do not feel that I have an erection. In the past, this was different.

I’m young, I’m exercising and it seems that I do not have any diseases.
When masturbating I do not have the problems.I can go for more than half hour if I’m in the mood. I also didn’t lost any size but it seems that I can hold my size with less hardness or less blood compared to the past.
I don’t know how to explain me but I feel a gap of blood, my erections could be more harder I think.

One more think, it seems that when I’m masturbating without porn, I have a harder time to get erect.

When your masturbating without porn it does take harder time to get erect, happens to me also. I guess anything visual is better than imagination.

Can somebody help me?

Yesterday I wanted to see if I have erectile dis-function. So I masturbated 3 times in 45 min an finished off 3 times. After this I thought that I do not have ED.

Today when I woke up, I didn’t had a morning wood.

Can somebody help me please? The link above can not help me.

Today I made another test. I was watching porn but I didn’t get an erection from just watching it. I had to use my hands to get hard. Masturbating was no problem.

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