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Discoloration Question

Discoloration Question

Hello I just a few penis discoloration questions

My unit has always had a very strange color to it, I have a series of different

Colored patches of skin, just darker and lighter patches and a few mole like brown things

That are flat to the skin, I was just wondering if this is normal because as far as I know

I’ve had these range of tones and colors since I was born, not 100% sure though,

Any one out there find that ppl of asian background have a more discolored penis than

Others and more of those little brown mole like dots

I’m from Asia originally and I also have discoloration and those flat mole like marks (all around the base of the shaft.)

I’ve been to the dr’s and confirmed they are harmless. But I would recommend a visit to the dr. Wouldn’t hurt to get it in writing you know.


Yea probably make me feel better too seeing the doc:) ,

Guess it’s just a raisin thing , thanks

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