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On about three ocasions lately, I have noticed a small amount of cloudy white discharge after urination. When finished urinating, it felt like there was a small amount left to push out, but instead a small amount of this discharge dribbled out. It was accompanied by a mild stinging (I didn’t even notice stinging the first time it happened). The other thing is that this only seems to happen on PE days, but since it hasn’t happened that much, I can’t be certain. My routine is not very intense. It involves about 2 minutes of stretching and another 2 minutes of 40-60% jelqing.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know what is going on? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It’s faintly possible you have a kidney stone. Do you have any pain in your kidney area?

It might be worth increasing your water intake, and do some waist bending and stretching.

If it persists, then a visit to your GP might be worthwhile.


You have a mild urethritis, assuming no possibility of std, it should resolve without problems. If it persists more than a week or worsens, see a doctor. Kidney stones are typically accompanied by bloody urine and severe abdominal/back pain.

Thanks. Is it possible that PE could have caused it? If so, do you have any suggestions for future prevention?

Hard to know since it occurs fairly commonly, and most guys don’t do PE. I could only speculate that perhaps the manipulation caused bacteria to get into the urethra, or caused some mild urethral trauma/irritation. My bet is that it gets better in a few days and that’s the end of it. If not, a urine culture and urethra swab will tell whether its an infectious problem.

I have had at least 200 kidney stones in my life. They can range from blood and pain (my first which doctors said wan’t a stone until I showed it to them.
To stones that come out without my knowing I’ve had them.

I’ve had one cutting in operation and one break up operation in that time as well

I’ve even had the situaton where I had a ultrasound scan and was told I had two, 1x 1.8 Cms the other .5 cms. I then had an X-ray which showed I didn’t have any kidney stones. I then passed through two small stones.

They can come in any way that can be imagined

They were probably dur to an allergy I have to milk..

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