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dicking techniques

dicking techniques


I keep hearing PE and technique made your girl cum.

Im pretty sure we all have something different that we do, and sharing that would benefit us.

here is what i try at times,

1. 6 or 7 quick shallow (only penetrate 3 inches or so), then a long deep thrust, and using a combo of those shallow and deep thruts, changing it, so it doesnt get old.

2. finding a spot, then *sticking* to that spot.

3. grab her hips in a missionary from underneath, and thrust while dry lickin her earlobes, running my tounge (dry) on her ears.

I think the process is way more complicated then that for women. I am on my second wife and the two of them are like night and day when it comes to sex. The first one could only come once maybe and this one is multi orgasmic. I had plenty of girl friends between and all of them had differences between them. Some of them were pure clitoral where some were more G spot oriented. I think a good clit licking did more for most of them than anything else. It just is too bad that they don’t come with a manual. If 1 through 3 works for you then go for it. The newest thing I have found is kissing the nape of the neck. It’s also what you say to them or don’t say to them that can turn them on. Flicking the nipples can help most of them too.

S o baccart I thought on this a bit more and I think maybe your post was just on the facet of sex to do with dicking. I can’t delete my last post so let me just add that I asked my wife what she likes and she said it is just the bumping of the clit at the end of the stroke that gets her excited. I must add that I do this thing where I do shallow rapid strokes in a short burst followed by a long deep stroke with a bump at the end for the clitoris. I also like to stop in the middle of dicking and lick the clit for just a little bit and then resume the dicking. I read a long time ago that women like variation in dicking and they don’t like a monotonous stroking so you have the right idea in mind with your variations. It would be great if a woman would answer your thread and more than one would be great. Otherwise we just have to trial and error until we get out list which may not work out for the next woman.

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