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Desensitizing Arousal Spots


Read this. :)

RE-Started (01.10.2012): 4.75'' NBPEL, 4.33'' EG (overall), 3'' NBPFL --- Now: 5.1'' NBPEL, 4.75'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL

Short-term goal: 5.5'' NBPEL, 4.5'' EG (overall), 3.5'' NBPFL --- Long term goal: 7.5'' NBPEL, 5.5'' EG (overall), 5'' NBPFL

Wish me luck! :)

Are you uncut? Getting cut with the frenulum removed should help.

That’s terrible advise. He won’t be able to enjoy sex without a frenulum. I am uncut, used to have premature ejaculation, and I now can last as long as I need to. Sometimes I will have unprotected sex until my fiance is too sore to continue or I am too physically tired to continue. I used to cum in minutes, on the second round, with a condom. It was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

How I fixed my problem, was I bought a flesh light stamina training unit. I’m not saying you need to go and buy anything, but you need to get familiar with the feeling of a vagina. Edging will help with the feeling of physical stimulation, but a warm, juicy vagina is much different than your hand. I used to use a toilet paper roll without the cardboard, and a latex glove with warmed lubricant on the inside as a makeshift flesh light. The $70 was worth the upgrade, in my opinion.

Practice staying relaxed with stretching and deep breathing, along with familiarizing yourself with vagina or vagina-like stimulus, and you will be on the road to enjoying sex.

If you are uncut, one way that I believe it actually HELPS with lasting longer, is that you have so much sensitivity that you can relax and your penis will stay hard on its own, because you don’t have to mentally keep yourself hard. Does that make sense? I feel that circumcised men have to stay at a higher level of arousal, due to lack of sensitivity, to maintain a hard erection. With uncut males this is not the case, and you can remain in a more relaxed state as a result.

Best of luck brother, many of us got through this with years of practice and focus, and you can too!


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