He did not say but the biltricide apparently takes care of things like liver flukes and worms such as tapeworms, hookworms, etc.

After the parasite med, once again, my depression symptoms and sore throat have gone away. Constipation has gotten better but is still there. My stomach feels exactly as an h pylori infected stomach should, like there is not enough acid to break down my food. I feel like I am not getting enough calories, and this is especially apparent when I play ice hockey. I feel almost like I might faint. I threw up on the bench on one occasion. And generally I feel less energy.

I also feel less “excited” about things in general. Especially my sex drive. It is nowhere near as bad as when the parasite is present, but it is still noticeable.

As I believe I said before, I have an appointment on January 12th. If the h pylori is not gone by then, I will likely start antibiotic treatment which apparently works on 90% of patients.

When I do finally get better, I am thinking about doing something to help other people who may have the same problems. I cannot imagine where I would be if I hadn’t met this new doctor. It is truly a blessing. To think that so many people might have something like a parasite, and just settle for an antidepressant because their doctor wants to profit from them and move on to the next patient, is really both amazing and scary at the same time.

I will post again if I feel any better or worse, or after the January 12th appointment. I hope this thread helps many people.

Until then, happy holidays!