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I´m circumcised because of hypospadia. To be circumcised isn´t very common in Sweden, so I feel that I haven´t got anyone to talk to, or charing my problems been. I know that you loose some sensitivity when you get circumcised, but mine is so unsensetive. I´ve always been able to get off after some effort, but never really felt the real pleasure that I hear my friends talk about.

Lately my problem has been worse. Don´t know what it is that has caused it, but I can´t get myself off at any time right now. I´m not horney at all. Damn, I´m just 18 I should be f*****g hard all the time. What´s wrong with me? This shit has made me really depressed.

I really don´t know what to do. When I try to masturbate, it feels similiar to just rubbing my arm. Do you think this is a physical problem or just a mental? I´ve always had the attitude that just because I am circumcised I´m doomed to a not feeling the real pleasure.

I want to add one more thing. I´ve been training my bc- muscle a lot, and feel that contracting that muscle make me come closer to coming. But during the last half a year I´ve had been forced to contract the BC- muscle to cum. I´ m like constantly contracting it all the time. When I try to masturbate without contracting it, it doesn´t feel anything at all. I don´t know if I´ve always been masturbating this way. Suppose not… it´s so strange. Hope you understand what I mean.

Plz fellows… anyone able to help me??

I don’t know if any of this will help but I learned this from watching porn documentaries and that is the more you try to get hard, the less easy it will happen. I think alot sounds mental & I’m 18 aswell buddy, go out & party & perhaps if your mood improves so will the “physical” problem(if there really is one). Did you doctor mention any of this as a possible side effect & how long ago did this happen? Also have you been with a lover since the circumcision?

Pussy feels really good, even if you’re circ’d. Stop looking at porn, and reduce your masturbating if you’re doing it more than once per day.

I think these will help.

Being circumsized does not decrease sensitivity, jeezz most americans are circumsized at birth.

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You know what? The first time I could ejaculate I was 17. I was exactly like you, I didn’t really feel anything (I was cut at birth.)

I had my mind set on the fact that I COULD NOT ejaculate. I figured something was wrong with me, but I never talked to a Doctor about it. I was, however, often horny. Anyway, one time in the shower I was rubbing myself. It didn’t really feel “good,” but after a while I felt a tingling sensation, so I just kept one going. After a few minutes I ejaculated, and of course, it felt really good. I was very suprised, because I was not expecting it to happen. As weird as it sounds, from then on I could ejaculate without any difficulty, and I could get pleasure from touching (or having someone touch) my penis. I really do believe that it was all in my head.

Hey Eidish,
Man you need to relax! You’re having performance anxiety and your only having sex with yourself! You don’t feel horny? Well what’s the problem? Don’t masturbate, that’s all.

Another thing: do you watch a lot of porn and masturbate a lot? This can just screw up all your “horniness” system. If you do, quit the porn and reduce the jerking.

Don’t worry dude, as MDC said: “Pussy feels real good, even if you’re circ’d.”
Mdc is right. Get yourself a girl. I bet that like all of us, you won’t last 30 sec the first time you’ll get in.

Originally Posted by reywdsuyt
Being circumsized does not decrease sensitivity, jeezz most americans are circumsized at birth.

This is half true. I can tell you that foreskin restoration greatly increases sensitivity, so it stands to reason…

Thanks for your advices guys. I have decided not to touch myself down there nor watch porn for a long time and also try not to think about it at all. Anyway, again thanks for your help.

eidish - I went through a dilemma similar to yours on several occasions.

I believe it’s all in your head. Like others have said, just relax, don’t focus on it. When there is even the slightest thing wrong, a slight cold or when you’re tired or you’re in a bad mood you will find that your ability to get hard to have fun with sexy stuff is greatly diminished.

The “Feels just like rubbing my arm” comment is exactly how my girlfriend described her very few and only attempts at masturbation before she met me. It was due to the fact that she just was not turned on, and didn’t know what to expect from it all.

If all else fails, go to bed and wake up to a new day, and again, don’t pressure yourself.

eidish, what you need is good Blow Job, get some nice sweedish bird, tickle her pussy for 20 minuits, then put her head down on the top of your dick, and tell her to suck it. It will cure all your problems.


I am no doctor but I have been around awhile and I can say with 99.9 % certainty that.


Your problems are not physical don’t worry.

I have the opposite prob her in the usa I am uncut and most are cut, I just don’t care and nor should you
As for cuming, again I takes me forever and trust me the girls love it and so will you when you can just keep going.

Best of luck.


Its probably all mental just as the other brothers have said, so, just get yourself a girl.
Your only 18 and your mental perspectives and sensations may change as you mature sexually.
I’m uncut but blow jobs feel ok but nothing spectacular.
In my youth I sometimes worried that I wasn’t normal because so many men talked about a blow job like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Even to this day I have to concentrate in order to stay hard while a girl goes down on me however if I see or get the scent of woman’s foot….dammm I go crazy with lust!!! and its guaranteed to be a rock hard erection without fail!!! I guess the female foot fetish has its bright side to it. :)
Sexually we are all wired differently so just give it some time and you will figure just how you are wired.

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Again, thanks guys. You have really made me understand that if just take it easy and stop thinking of it at a problem everything will work out in the end. I might come back and give you a report in a couple of months.

have a nice weekend brothers!

I have a question for you circumsized guys. How sensitive is your glands wean non-erect. I you just touch it do you feel anything pleasureble or is it just lite touching your arm or something?

My glands feels really dry and kind of rough, are yours that way too? Man I would like my foreskin back.


TJenare eidish!

Kämpa på! Det blir säkert bättre bara du slutar fokusera så väldigt på det :)

Hm, how can anyone say that being circumsized doesn´t decrease sensitivity? It´s like having a female´s outer and inner labia removed and rubbing her naked clit against whatever you have closest to your body during a complete lifetime. Go figure. The human body protects its skin by thickening it. Just like it does with ones feet, elbow or even a tiny spot on your forehead if your choice of religion is islam and you put the forehead against the floor 5 times a day for years. And, no….I am an atheist.

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