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Deaf for 10 minutes after orgasming?


Deaf for 10 minutes after orgasming?

My older brother recently told me he had a problem that he didn’t know who else to go to, and told me that after having sex with his girlfriend he goes deaf for 10 minutes. Anyone ever hear of this? I imagine its something like too much blood rushing to his head, maybe knocking out his hearing sense. If you have any info about this symptom, it would be a big help, he is thinking about going to see a doctor. Any help much appreciated, thanks :)

After a great orgasm, sometimes I get ringing in my ears and muffled hearing (almost like after a loud concert).

I know nothing about this.

I hope that after he asked you, you were like, “WHAT? SPEAK UP, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!”

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Your sure he didn’t mean, after having sex all he heard was bla, bla, bla, bla, ba. Us married guys hear it all the time, and the doctor keeps telling us our hearing is fine.

I wouldn’t listen to or trust “Dr.” Lin.

Ah ha, my mistake. I just tried to do a quick search to help a brotha out. ;-)

If I had that problem I’d ask a good medical doctor or several. It might be an indicator of something more serious.

I forget what disease or nutritional deficiency sometimes causes people to want to eat paper. Seriously. Eat paper. How odd. A paper-hungry person could easily blow it off as just a strange craving, yet it is a symptom of an underlying problem.

This is not a “problem”. It’s god’s way of giving a man his golden 20 minutes of the day. 10 minutes of sex, followed by 10 minutes of silence. What could be better?

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I have some temporary partial hearing loss following very strenuous workouts, sometimes including sex. The doctor said it’s normal. But if you’re talking total profound deafness, definitely get it checked out. Sounds weird.

Auriculogenital reflex.

I don’t have a clear explanation for why this happens, but it may help you all to know that there is a strong neurological tie between the ears and sexual response. It’s called auriculogenital reflex, and it explains why there are some women who can purportedly get off from having their ears bitten, etc. There’s also an auriculouterine reflex, which isn’t really well understood either but can be used to help some women induce labor.

(I was a teaching assistant for the guy who taught the section on human sexuality for the sociology department in college. I aced the fucking course, and the labs were amazing.)

Anyway, while it doesn’t fully explain why a guy would lose his hearing after he climaxed, the relationship between sexual stimulation and the nerves of the inner ear canal are well-documented.

Here’s what a real doctor said:

Engel reviewed a group of rare reflexes that are mediated by the vagus nerve, and two of them-the auriculouterine reflex in women and the auriculogenital reflex in men and women-may be pertinent to our case because they suggest the existence of vagal innervation of the human uterus and sex organs. In these reflexes, the vagus nerve forms a bridge between a circumscribed area of the skin, mostly the external auditory meatus, and the uterus and some male and female sex organs. Afferent impulses from female reproductive organs may be conducted via either the vagus nerve or spinal cord. (Engel D: The gastroauricular phenomenon and related vagus reflexes. Arch Psychiatr Nervenkr 1979; 227:271-7.)



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Well, I recall a couple of mindblowing orgasms - all after a having received an amazing blowjob where she timed me perfectly - upon which I had ringing in my ears and muted hearing for a while. Along with a very shiny, cold, white and vibrating sensation in my body and teeth (imagine!) - that’s the best I can describe the sensation.

regards, mgus

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Maybe he should clean his ears out :p

Or it could be to do the fact your mouth, ears and eyes are all connected by tubes. Like when you get sleep in your eyes in the morning, that’s snot basically :p Your ears pop on an airplane, but if you swallow then it usually adjusts the air pressure difference and your hearing is ok again. Ask him to try that.

I think he is holding his breath or something to raise the air pressure in his inner ear canal unconsciously. The real life equivalent of a cartoon character blowing steam out his ears :chuckle:

Perhaps she is finishing him off with a hand job and he is getting sploog in his ears.

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I’m not saying this necessarily has anything to do with it, but just FYI: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, sexual (they say ‘Kidney’) energy is closely related to hearing and energy in the head (brain) in general. When sexual energy is low, you can experience symptoms that relate to empty-headedness, to put it simply. Constant ringing in the ears, hearing loss, headaches, as well as loss of memory and other brain functions can be results of over-spending one’s sexual essence. I guess most of guys have noticed that they can sometimes get ‘stupid’ after ejaculation — tired, don’t think sharply, can’t spell correctly. (I know, I’ve left the door wide open for jokes here.)

Besides low energy, excess or blocked energy is also possible. Sexual energy that is frustrated, or built up without a smooth flow through the body can also contribute to undesirable symptoms.

To address these issues, you can consult Chinese Medical professionals for acupuncture, herbal tonics, or massage to build energy and help flow (external support); or a good Chi Gong or Sexual Kung Fu teacher to practice the lifestyle changes and energy meditations that correct the problems internally. I don’t know about the infamous ‘Dr. Lin’, but Mantak Chia has a reputable network of sexual health courses in North America.

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