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Deaf for 10 minutes after orgasming?


I agree with Hobby on this. He should see a doctor.

I think Handoff5’s advice and information is very good. I’ve experienced coital cephalagia, and brothers, it aint fun. Correct Seminal Kung Fu practice prevents them.

I also think hobby’s advice and information is very good

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
I have some temporary partial hearing loss following very strenuous workouts.

Same here, especially after tough leg workouts.


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Originally Posted by slzbll
My older brother recently told me he had a problem that he didn’t know who else to go to, and told me that after having sex with his girlfriend he goes deaf for 10 minutes. Anyone ever hear of this? I imagine its something like too much blood rushing to his head, maybe knocking out his hearing sense. If you have any info about this symptom, it would be a big help, he is thinking about going to see a doctor. Any help much appreciated, thanks :)

I know exactly what you mean, I get a round of applause and go deaf from the standing ovation ;-)

Hmmm I never heard of going deaf from fucking. Maybe this is were the expression “banging” came from?

"Drunk chics dig me."


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