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De-Sensitizing Condom


Originally Posted by liloveravg
Fieldmouse, does it desensitize the woman at all?

The Trojan ones do desensitize the woman as well because the chemical is in the lune which is inside and outside the condom.

The Durex one does not desensitize the women because it only contains the chemical in the reservoir tip.

Forget condoms haha.I like the feeling of my penis in a vagina without a piece of rubber creating separation.

I have tried the Trojan extended pleasure and they did not work to well for me. It is fun though if you lick your fingers after you touch the insides of them because your tongue goes numb.

I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

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Anyone heard of the new Durex with Nitro Glycerine in the tip?

Lifestyles with the little bumps all over them. They reduce your sensation a bit and increase hers. You should finish about the same time using these. No numbing medication in or on them to ruin the experience.


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