CRABS Anyone?

In response to another thread about STD’s and some comments I made,
I was PM’s a couple of times. So I felt maybe it would of some benefit if I shared this story of personal experience.

Sometimes guilt and paranoia can really mess our heads up. When I was around 20 years old (I’m 41 now) I caught a case of the crabs from some fine little thing. I was absolutely devastated. I grew up with your typical religious dogma and guilt and stuff like this we only heard of. It didn’t happen to people like us, just those “other” people. I got rid of the crabs in like 2 days but the shame lasted a much longer time.

It didn’t help that I had fooled around on my girlfriend at the time and I eventually was persuaded to have to tell her for her own health. The doctors had increased my level of paranoia by explaining to me that a lot of the time the crabs carry additional VD and viruses along with them. I was sent of a bunch of routine VD testing and although everything keep coming back negative, I continued
screwing up my own head with the guilt, shame, and remorse.

I had an acquaintance who was few years older than me who was a doctor. I eventually went to him with my troubles.
I had been having what I thought was a mild discharge on occasion. Nothing painful or messy, just more of a couple tracks in the drawers once in a while. But it started to freak me out. Because he was a friend, this Doctor gave me 2 giant boosters of penicillin in the ass and told me I would be fine. I trusted him but what I thought was some form of VD discharge continued for several weeks.
By this time I was a wreak.

I explain to my friend the doctor what had been going on. Thankfully he was a patient individual.
He took me to his office and broke out a copy of the PDR, the Physicians Desk Reference Manual.
His copy must have been an older one and he flipped open a listing for “Non Gonococcal Uretheasis.

Medical science now explains this condition as more than likely caused by bacteria or even yeast like infections,
but at any rate pretty much a normal condition. Even male dogs have what is known as smegma.
His ancient copy of the PDR however explained it as a condition most likely caused by factors of guilt, shame, and or remorse over one’s sexual activities.

Now as archaic as his copy of the PDR was, it was exactly the medicine I needed to hear at the time.
After that and the subsequent discussion I had with my friend doctor about all of this, my “problem” seemed to magically take care of itself. I never would have pegged myself as being one prone psycho-symatic occurrences, but I learned a lot about myself during this whole episode.

That’s about all I can tell you about it. Thank god for a place like Thunders because where else can we go to ask or discuss things like this? I had to learn from my own head tripping and personal experiences. If sharing this experience helps someone else get through something similar, then that’s a reward of sorts in itself.

Trust the doctors, trust the test results. Sometimes TIME itself is the real cure.