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tommy32-Pushing an INR to 2 - 3 does significantly increase your risk of large bruises with injury or bleeding with cuts, this will include the penis. This does not mean that microinjury in the suspensory ligament or tunica will stir up bleeding. So stretching, sensible hanging and ADS are probably reasonable options. I wouldn’t even consider pumping or clamping as they they have a higher chance of of vein disruption. Jelqing, well, I just don’t know. Again be sensible. Start slow with low intensity. Conditioning decreases bruising (for the most part). If something you do stirs up bleeding, stop doing it and let it heal.

All very good advice. I would be very careful with anything other than light jelqing. ‘Red spot’ is very common from jelqing, especially if returning to jelqing after a lay-off, as everyone seems to begin again at only a slightly reduced intensity and don’t realise how much they have de-conditioned. If you condition slowly and increase intensity slowly, just keep a very close watch for any symptoms of damage and stop immediately if there are any problems. Urethral bleeding from jelqing is not numerically common, but it is common enough for it to crop up in the injury section several times a year. It is generally quite slow to heal completely. Clamping and pumping are definitely not a good idea.

Stretching should be safe enough if you are careful about your grip. Using a piece of toilet paper or talcum powder/French chalk to aid grip reduces the amount of pressure you need to apply, avoiding ‘grip bruises’.

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