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Correlation between male & female sexual apparate


Correlation between male & female sexual apparate

Hey guys, a question for the expert in anatomy:

can you give the exact correlation between:

1/ shaft
2/ glands
3/ testicles

1/ ?
2/ ?
3/ ?

I am working on a idea, I would need
your knowledge on this…


Nice thread title.

I’m not an anatomy expert but here’s an attempt.

1/ Vagina
2/ Clitoris
3/ Ovaries

1. Inner Clitoris (quite long, saw it on discovery on some sort of x-ray machine).

2. Exposed clitoris head.

3. Ovaries??

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>1. Inner Clitoris (quite long, saw it on discovery on some sort of x-ray machine). <

Thats a good point, its quite massive (considering the size people though it was).

inner clitoris?
what is that!?

I would like to understand…


The clitoris is like an iceberg. The bit you see is a tiny percentage of the entire thing.

A lot of women complain about loss of sensation after a cesarean section and thats sometimes down to the clitoris being cut through because until quite recently doctors had no idea of its size.

So the inner clitoris is like the inner penis?

Where it arrives?

There is a way to stimulate it?


OK, I must admit here that I had NO idea that the clit was this long. Blows my mind the things I still learn about myself. Great thread xaixoit. Thanks.


If there is a way to stimulate it…Share!

I need to know!! LOL


Given its location perhaps the anterior g-spot is part of the clitoral “root”?

Anyone have a link on the inner clitoris?

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The clitoris is like the penis in that once inside the body it splits into two tails and they are attached to the pelvic bones. The attached illustration also shows the suspensory ligament of the clitoris and the glans.

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Is that a recent drawing Westla?

I understood that recent work, I think it was a researcher in Australia in the last four years, corrected long held misrepresentations of the extent of the clitoris.

Yeah here’s a dissection courtesy of Helen O’Connel of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Its even got ruler pics :)

Thanks so much westla and mem. This is really interesting!

I’ve been gone all day. No, it’s actually very old, circa 1930. It was, however, the first one I found. Sorry for the outdated info.

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