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Correlation between male & female sexual apparate


I’m not sure it was outdated West. I tried to find a direct comparison pic but failed on that. Some of the old texts from way back were better than others (the German texts had it right, Grays had it wrong).

I was thinking at first that
vagina was the corrispondence of penis shaft,
and clitoris of the glans.

Or another my idea is that vagina is like the shaft
and cul de sac is like the zone of glans.
(Seeing the female system like opposite and internal
respect the male one )…but is only an idea.

In that case…maybe the clitoris would be a little penis
not developed? Because at the moment of birth
the sex is indefinite….????
Only an idea. What you think about.

I would like to know if Gspot is like prostate…
like somebody says…

Another: I have a lack of info here,
but …when a woman cums, from where it comes that?


The possibility of either sex is present at conception. This is why men have nipples and women have a tiny penis (clitoris). The actual sex organs aren’t formed until about the 9th or 10th week of life.…ancy/video.html

I wondered why men have nipples; now I know. I’m not too thrilled to find out the clitoris is a tiny penis though. :(

I found this on another board, showing the difference of development that happens before birth.

Tissue/Organ - Male - Female
Uregenotel Sinus - Prostate - Vagina
Genital turbucle - Penis - Clitoris
Labia folds - Scrotum - Labia
Ducts - Vas deferens - Oviducts
Gonads - Testes - Ovaries


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