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Constant Urge to Urinate


Constant Urge to Urinate

A problem which has only recently developed, but NOT as a result of P.E. I havn’t done any PE for a long time now, just to make that clear.

Last thursday evening I went to pee, came back and went to bed, it was then that I realised that I hadn’t fully finished up and needed to pee again. You know, that tingling feeling right at the end of your dick? So I did. Again, once back in bed, I felt I still needed to go. However, I ignored it and went to sleep. The next day the problem progressed a little it became more and more frequent throughout the day. If I ignored it enough I would forget about it and it wouldn’t bother me.

However now, it has become almost unbearable. I feel like i’m desperately needing to pee every 10 minutes, no exaggeration. I literally went about 8 minutes ago and im already bursting again. If I go i’ll pee very very little and I still have the feeling of needing to go. I also have the sort of feeling that my bladder is not “giving it’s all” and is not emptying the full load in one go, rather just on a constant release mode. I can’t concentrate at work and all the walking around is just irritating my body more and making me want to go.

There is no pain when I go, and I dont have any pains in my lower body, although i’ve also noticed I’ve been taking a crap about 5 times a day. So maybe it’s something to do with the prostate or something like that?

It is without doubt the most annoying and depressing thing i’ve had to endure, but i’m going to the doctors later to see what is going on. Any other info on this would be appreciated.


Currently not doing PE


Sounds like it could be prostate, but how old are you?

I remember another guy reported a problem very similar to yours and if I remember correctly, it went away after a couple of days.

Of course, seeing the doc will hopefully find an explanation.

I’m 19.

Come to think of it, I seem to remember having this a long time ago, back when I was about 6 or 7 but I can’t remember what happened.


Currently not doing PE


Majormalfunction,that is interesting because I sometimes have a similar problem. The scenario is almost always the same: if I masturbate while I feel the urge ti pee, when I cum, and go pee after I’m done I feel like a slight stinging in my penis, and I need to go pee again. But I pee very little, sometimes as little as a few drops(depends on how much I hold before going to the toilet) and god knows it’s irritating, but it will pass after half an hour or so.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for you, having to withstand it the whole day.

Well , PM me about what the doctor said,I am very interested.

Hope you feel better buddy.

You’re too young for prostate problems. Since it came on so suddenly, maybe it’s some kind of bladder infection?

I sometimes have a similar problem, but I’m in my 40’s and I am going to get my prostate checked.

I know a young guy who had that problem and the doctors could never figure out what the problem was. He found that valium completely solved the problem, and allowed him to completely empty his bladder, but he didn’t want to take that on a daily basis. The doctor suggested maybe a month of valium would get him back on track, but he chose not to. I think he still pees a lot.

Horny Bastard

I need to disagree with my very esteemed fellow Moderator.

Once mature, you are never too young for prostate problems. Get this checked out by a urologist. It could also be a problem with your bladder neck such that your bladder doesn’t empty completely. Whatever, why deal with it just waiting for it to go away?



Thank you all for the replies

So I’ve been to the Doc and he put me on the same antibiotics as I was on all those years ago. Thank god for medical records. He ruled out an STI or STD, because it was too long ago when I last had a sexual encounter. He said it was quite likely to be a typical infection of the bladder or urinary tract that could be cleared up quickly and easily with the prescription. He also gave me a sample tube to give back to him after my 5 days on the drug were up to see if things are all still normal. He also was talking about Cystitis, and that it could be the culprit, but apparently its rarely seen in men, its a lot more common in women.

Will post again soon to see if the drugs have had any effect.


Currently not doing PE


I agree with Advocet, However, it sounds like it could very well be a bladder infection. Go see a urologist.

I’m not saying that you have anal sex, but for those men that do urinary track infections may be common because of it.

Do you feel pain at the end of your penis when you urinate, if so this could be a kidney infection.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

My guess would be cystitis. The quickest way to sort that out is to drink cranberry juice for a few days.

Originally Posted by avocet8

I need to disagree with my very esteemed fellow Moderator.

Once mature, you are never too young for prostate problems. Get this checked out by a urologist. It could also be a problem with your bladder neck such that your bladder doesn’t empty completely. Whatever, why deal with it just waiting for it to go away?

You are right Avocet. I should have said that prostate problems at that age are not common, but it shouldn’t be ruled out as a possibility.

I had my first prostate check at age 29. Boy was I surprised! I got a new job and they had a physician come on site for a “new hire” physical. He told me he needed to stick his finger in my ass, and I had never heard of such a thing. I almost got the hell out of there but could not risk my job. Afterward, I felt like I got raped. I didn’t know it was a common medical procedure. :)

Major, please let us know if the antibiotics work for you.

Horny Bastard

This sounds like prostatitis to me. I recommend that you see a doctor right away.

Hey guys, start reading what majormalfunctio already told us he has done. He went to see the doc and he is on antibiotics.

I had the same problem i couldn’t sleep sometimes because of it, the Doc said it was a bladder infection and a course of antibiotics sorted it out.

Could be incontinence ? =P

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