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Confused About Frenulum Surgery


Confused About Frenulum Surgery

Hi eveyone,
So just 2-3 months into my PE career I went under the knife just over a week ago to remove my frenulum. The reason why was because I had frenulum breve and already had a failed frenuloplasy almost 18 years ago which resulted in alot of the frenulum becoming scar tissue thus loosing flexibility and feeling (well nice ones anyway).
So I’m recovering very nicely and am having to put PE in hold for a few weeks and possibly longer for my bathmate. But here’s my strange occurance..

Before PE I measured 6.8bpel and 4.5 girth. Just before my op I was 6.8bpel and 4.8 girth. Now since my op I have been stretching my foreskin behind head and getting erect to try and loosen it as it currently feels tight and is squeezing and bunching behind my glans. Yesterday I did this and got as hard erection as possible and measure aaand it came out 6.4bpel!! Wtf?

My only explanation is that my foreskin is squeezing tightly for about .2-.3 of an inch behind the glans which I can see and feel which is resulting in not getting normal length? I damn hope so, can’t wait to resume PE it feels/looks small right now and was gutted my progress was halted so soon into PE career after the girth gains.

If you want replies, give to your thread a descriptive title, don’t be lazy. I changed the title of your thread.

I think yours is just a temporary issue.

Ok thanks for the advice, I will remember for future reference.

As for the issue, I hope so as I’m quite staggered really it was quite noticeable even if it is .4 of an inch. Time will tell really and I hope as the foreskin loosens behind the head it will not feel quite as restricted and tight!

Speaking with the doctor who performed the surgery could help you relax I think.

Your absolutely right, I’m due to see the urologist in around 10 days time and I have a couple others questions for him too. Patience is soo hard to have when its something to do with your manhood!! It feels much better without the constant tug of a scarred frenulum which at times quite literally felt like having half a toothpick lodged in a very sensitive area!!

Thanks again :)

Yes it may have although I’ve Never had my foreskin retracted with anything past 60% erection in my life because anything more was extreemly painful and id have to scramble it forward!! Slight case of phimotic ring from what I’ve researched but I shall stretch it because I can’t afford to loose .4 of an inch pmsl :/

Can’t wait to get this sorted and stretched and back on the PE road.. It may sound silly but one of my main goals was to get this all sorted and foreskin retractable during 100% hard so I can get sum big sloppy bj’s from the significant other with the head fully exposed as I feel I’ve been missing out biiiig there. The tines she give me a nice sensual one with it retracted until around 60% hard its absolute heaven (until I then av to scramble up and get it back before it blows the damn frenulum!)

Hi guys I’m abit concerned so would really appreciate any feedback possible..

So I mentioned I had my frenulum removed which should have remedied a failed frenuloplasty from when I was about 12ish.

When I retract my foreskin behind the head it bunches behind the head which is kind of fine with me as it is no longer pulling the glans downwards. However on the underside I still have what can only be described as 2 tight little chords that are still attatched from the very base of the head to the foreskin. They are right in the centre where the frenulum was and look like 2 very tight little frenulums side by side and they are causing great discomfort when getting above 70% erection and feel like there going to snap, and infact have already slighty torn (although not visible) during light intercoarse whilst the foreskin was forwards!!

I tried to contact to surgeon the day before it slightly tore to describe the issue.. No answer. I then missed his return call in which he left a voicemail saying not to be too concerned with what its like now and all should be well and that there ARE a couple nerves/arterys there and that he will see me in a couple weeks for my follow up consultation.
But this is driving me crazy.

So to clarify.. If I have asked to remove the frenulum should he have removed the whole thing including these 2 little 1/2mm chords? I believe 1 to be the frenular artery? The other I donr know? I fuming right now I gotta damn nice misses and its drivin me crazy feeling like I can’t have sex because its gonna blow because the foreskin I wanting to retract and when it does its putting immense pressure on these 2 little things!! I didn’t know that the frenulum contained these things and I feel I should have been told that they would still stay as I imagined the whole thing being chopped and now I’m sat here having payed a bomb privately and only achieved 50% of the supposed outcome and fear I will have to pay AGAIN just to get my sex life back.

Please help if you can. Thanks

Yeah its one of the worst medial professions I encountered too. seemingly only a handfull of really good ones.
Their ability to cope with peyronies for example is horrific.

Anyway. The question is if that neves artieries have to stay.. I would check for anatomical pictures to get yourself as best educated as possible to understand what these guys talk about and what it is. I think thats crucial!

Also is the tension inside or outside?
Also try to gague why it hurts. casue of tension or cause its infllammed inside?

Thanks for the reply it means alot, I havent really got many people to talk about these things with!!
Tell me about it, I made sure I did my research into highly recommended urologists who have a supposed high level of knowledge, experience and understanding and one that the best money I could afford could buy. Reason being is that I was soo badly scarred mentally from my first nhs ordeal at a young age and the outcome then was bad.

Yes I shall do as much studying as possible because I don’t want those cut if it means il suffer from ed or something.

As for the tension it feels as though when I get erect above around 70% that their simply isn’t enough slack in these 2 chords between where they join the bottom of the head to where they join the foreskin once retracted to let it fully erect comfortably. The problem is.. That if they can’t/shouldn’t be removed then how can it be fixed? Could they stretch? Because as it stands there going to snap one day unless I make love at a snails pace forever!!

Also, sure with a circumcision these 2 things would be removed anyway, so they can’t be that crucial. I’m pretty certain one is the frenular artery which he chose to remain and the other to me just looks like a supporting piece or skin that’s sitting right beside it identically!

God I can’t wait to see the urologist again!! But I think I’m going to loose my temper with him because I’m 100% sure he’s going to strongly suggest circumcision which I already stated was a no go!

Does anybody know if normally when they remove the frenulum they remove the whole thing including the frenular artery/nerves ect? Because I basically have what I had before which is frenulum breve but without the web part on the head.

I was member of the peyronies forum and almost all report their docs suck. Albeit there are some good ones it seems. I would say the profession itself is severely lacking.

Anyway. The question is if the artery/part you describe as tense was identified as tense and the culprit before when discussing the operation.

So your frenulum is gone? But as I understand inside you still have a too tight tissue?

The problem is located inside and isnt directly related to the foreskin?

Yes well the frenulum itself was deemed to be too tight, weather these 2 chords were originally within it or under it I don’t know. The web part of the frenulum that was on the head (near the pee hole) has gone and healed nicely. I can’t imagine that this is something completely different because its like 2 mini frenulums but attatched at the base of the underside he must have either reattatched them or just cut the frenulum that surrounded these two chords I don’t know. Il just av to wait patiently and see. I might go see my gp just to let them give there opinion if possible.


Just to add the problem is the outside, its visible!! Just imagine you have 2 tiny frenulums that sit side by side are about 1mm wide each and 2mm long that attatch from the base of your head to your foreskin!

Originally Posted by AverageG
Just to add the problem is the outside, its visible!! Just imagine you have 2 tiny frenulums that sit side by side are about 1mm wide each and 2mm long that attatch from the base of your head to your foreskin!

Well good part beeing that this might mean they could be rather easily cut/or whatever without digging deep into the tissue.

You should think about what was agreed upon beeing the result of the OP and how it would be done.
If he missed dealing with these two cords beeing important to the outcome you sure have some leverage for any further negotations about price etc.

What happens, if possible to do, if you stretch these cords while flaccid? (easing into stretch+maybe heat)
Do they have give or are they possibly unstretchable?

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