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Confused About Frenulum Surgery


I’ve been trying to stretch them daily in a hot bath along with my slightly tight foreskin although with little luck as there soo small and feel as though there going to give way with any real pressure applied to them because theres simply very little holding them ti the head!!

Theres only 1 solution which is to cut them, its such a simply jib even I’ve thought of doing so with a scalpel but I won’t. The urologist mentioned the word artery in his voicemail but the chords are sooo tiny and look like just skin to me and are skin colour with no purple look to them. I think he may have simply rushed the job and not bothered cutting the whole thing thinking that those little bits were fine

Thats true and he should have the question now is how professional will he be in dealing with this and admitting what he should have done, thats the bit I doubt now because if he denys not doing what he should have ‘to remove the frenulum in its entirety’ then I’m fighting a loosing battle as none of the documentation I received from the private hospital mentioned exactly whats to be done. I will have to see but I know and deep down he will know that the whole frenulum was to be removed!! Perhaps it is an artery but it damn don’t look it, I can see big arteries/veins around the area but these 2 chords are tiny and even when slightly stretched are still skin colour.

I mean c’mon if somebody needed the hand amputated it sure means the whole hand and not leaving a finger or 2!! :)

Thanks again for your help, its made me see abit clearer the past couple days!

Yeah well, I would try it the nice way first and if not push him a bit more. I guess as the docs are he will downplay it.
If he is a known guy then he will be keen on having good credences, on the net and with colleagues(“dr.X botched my operation”..).
Of course you dont want a guy who hates you to cut around your dick :D

Also take care, as you mentioned to not get pushed to let your whole foreskin removed if you dont want it to. I dont think the thing you describe means that it has to go. In the end these guys want to operate cause it earns money.

even If an artery, then it will be obliterated/cauterise/desolated . Not an impossible op.


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