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What’s a good way to put on a condom in front of your girl without appearing to lose the sponteneity of the moment?

Condoms SUCK! By the time I take it out and put it on, my cock starts to go soft.

Have her put the condom on your cock with her mouth. That always worked for me. Make sure the condom doesn’t contain Nox-9. I’ve heard that tastes pretty bad.


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Just do it ....

With them lying down I like to kneel between their legs and just roll the thing on while checking out their body and maybe making some dirty comments. Eye contact and evil grins are good as well. Its like a 30 second lull where anticipation can work its magic.

Stand tall, proud, in full view and let them get an eyeful of what they are about to get. With more time and effort you can improve that as well :D

Yea, has anyone tried that Inspiral condom, it’s pretty good, rubs against your head. I’ve heard that those paradise condoms are pretty good too, too cheap to buy a box of those though.

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Have her put it on.

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