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condoms and escorts

condoms and escorts

I’ve had sex with a lot of escorts over the last year. I always used a condom each time and there were no breaks or tears or anything. I’m getting tested soon but let me ask this (especially to the escort hobbyists out there). Has anyone been infected despite condom use? Have you had sex with tons of escorts and still managed to remain negative?

It is very easy to get herpes and or hpv trough skin contact alone. So when the pubic regions touch even though there is no fluid exchange there is still a high probability of being infected despite the fact that condoms where used. Keep in mind that herpes and hpv are really only transmittable right before an outbreak or several days into the outbreak so the chances of contracting are still marginal so long as the other person tries to refrain from sex during that time.

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The only thing I am really concerned about is HIV. I know the chances are low but condoms aren’t perfect. So, I’m asking for the experiences of others.

I’d say, rely on condoms.

Make sure you find a brand that fits you well and feels good on you.

Escorts are sex workers. They are exposed to a lot of people with a lot of different things. Buyer beware.



I disagree with that on the most bit, if you sleep with an escort who does bareback, then be worried if you barebacked them. But an escort that only uses condoms, you have little to worry about as they check and keep protect more than the average person. May come as a shock but most escort do not want to get HIV, just like anyone else

If you were talking about a crack whore, that would be a different story.

Your HIV risk is low but not zero. You’re smart to use condoms consistently and also get tested.

If you’re getting or giving unprotected oral, or kissing someone who gives unprotected oral, you can catch syphyllis, chlamydia and gonnerhea. That’s usually not a huge concern if you’re aware of the symptoms, but syphyllis will kill you if left untreated, and only has symptoms at the very beginning and after its too late. Also there’s an antibiotic resistant strain of gonnorhea running around. I’ve had the regular kind, and am grateful antibiotics knocked it out so quickly. I can’t imagine having a form that’s hard to get rid of, it sucked bad.

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As a mathematical exercise, I’ve seen estimated HIV transmission rates somewhere between 1:10,000 and 1:900 (or 1:10 based on some study in Africa of high viral load carriers) and using the 1:10,000 figure, a man who had sex with ~150-200 HIV positive partners would have a ~1.5-2% chance of contracting HIV, which is similar to the risk of dying in a car accident in your lifetime. I can’t speak for the guys who have sex with the proverbial crack-whore type of girls, but I think it’s a reasonable assumption to say that frequent long-time hobbiests that seek out level-headed escort will not run into a meaningful number of HIV positive girls in their lifetimes - let alone ever contract HIV - unless they’re having sex with prostitutes in high HIV countries in Africa (for example). Personally I’m not aware of any person - provider or john – claiming to have contracted HIV on any of the escort message boards but, then again, those unfortunate individuals may choose not to advertise their situation for many reasons.

As someone who appreciates the hobby, I can only say that I try to be reasonably careful to mitigate my risks of ever contracting an STD but understand that just as someone wins the lottery ever so often, there is someone who draws the unlucky short straw.

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