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Condom sizing Q

Condom sizing Q

I’ll try to keep this brief.

I was trying on condoms earlier because I have a date looming in the near future. Results were as follows

1st - I believe it was a trojan ENZ but I’ve already thrown away the wrapper. Waaaaaay too snug, didn’t even both putting it all the way on. I could tell before even trying that unless it was an exceptionally stretchy wrap that it wasn’t happening.

2nd - Trojan “ribbed ecstasy” ( for context…ricated-Condoms ) This was a pretty decent fit lengthwise but it did cut off a bit of circulation at my base. The two main veins on either side of my based were bulging like it was cutting off circulation and there was a definite red ring left over for at least 15 minutes (after that I stopped looking but it’s since subsided after an hour or two)

During the second “fitting” I was pretty disheartened that I seemed barely too big for a regular size condom as I thought I’d made more progress and was feeling pretty confident after dwarfing the ENZ. On a few sites I see the ENZ listed as a 2.1” nominal width and others as a 2” but reviews generally say it’s tighter fitting, and the ribbed ecstasy generally seems like a 2.1” and a lot of reviews are from people who were upset that the packaging didn’t mention it was a plus sized condom.

So here’s my question. Does it seem like I should investigate plus sized condoms like magnums or skyn large? MSEG is probably a solid 5 and BEG is most likely just above that but I haven’t measured in a bit. Would hate to waste the money so I figured I may as well check on here to see if anyone has had a similar situation or any input.

The Trojan ENZ condom is terrible. It was tight before I even started PE. The fit of it makes no sense.

If you want to look into a plus size condom, try “One” or Skyn Large sizes. Those aren’t trash bags but are larger than average. Skyn is comfy, the material and lube is. I liked the style when i wore them.

Now: 9.25" BPEL x 6.18" MSEG as of 8/9/2018 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My current PE4F pumping project and my balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *9* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

Thanks for the response, I think I’ll try picking up some large Skyn’s because they seem to be stocked in a lot of stores.

Started under 6", now I'm over 7" and going for 8"

Patiently waiting...

Velhungs 2018 journey

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