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condom problem (latex allergy?)

condom problem (latex allergy?)

Hi everyone.

I’ll start from the start I guess;

me and my girl were using condoms.
We usually couldn’t go more than once because she would get sore… She describes the soreness: “As if someone put deep heat or something around the opening outside…”

so it was that we only had sex once in a session or whatever…

Then she got on the pill… we had sex raw, and it was fantastic for a few months, and she didn’t get sore much if at all (to my knowledge)

Well now we are back on condoms to be doubley sure (we had a pregnancy scare that turned out to be nothing)

And the soreness is back…

BTW we use TONS of lube and go slow, still no difference - she’s too sore for a second round usually….

so here is my question; does this sounds like a latex allergy? (Although it would be a very mild one I’m guessing)

Or does it just sound like the material is rubbing and causing rawness of the opening?

Another question; will polyuerethane or lambskin make a difference to this?

Or are we boned?

I was also interested on male contraception via pill etc…. I heard there is an implant you can get that makes you infertile for one year? Any info guys?


It sounds like you’ve examined every angle and have diagnosed the problem and offered yourself a few solutions. Here are a couple suggestions from a gynecologist that might help: use the female condom, Reality, or use two condoms (latex and lambskin over it).

The implantable male contraceptive has some side effects that might be difficult to deal with such as weight gain and need for testosterone injections.

At your age, permanent solutions to pregnancy such as vasectomy or tubal ligation are not appropriate. Good luck.

Thanks for the info westla!

Btw it was interesting to see your avatar change over time! ;)


Try Avanti or Trojan Supra. They’re non-latex, made of poly, and transfer heat more efficiently during sex. At least you’ll know then whether it’s an allergy problem.



ok next is a question for Ostrayans (‘Australians’ for those who speak English) specifically I guess:

WTF do I buy these other types?

I’ve been to Woolworths, Coles, and Amcal basically, big stores, but they only sell “Ansell” stuff…

will I have to order them or what? I guess an ‘adult store’ is the next best bet… never been in one of those ;)

Wish there was a specialist condom supplier nearby, just for me :D


Try this link. I think they ship internationally. IMO, they are not cheap, but they do offer a lot of diversity.



I used to get a burning sensation in my urethra after sex with condoms…that feeling like when youve had too much citric acid and it burns to pee. I ONLY use non latex now…the Supras are nice.


Aren’t there some made out of lamb skin also, I can’t think of the name. Starts with a R I think. Might be Rams or something like that.


I know, it’s political incorrect, but how could you go from “raw sex” back to the “rubbermaid”?

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

“Well now we are back on condoms to be doubley sure (we had a pregnancy scare that turned out to be nothing)”

Secjay - you should know me - I AM READING BEFORE POSTING A REPLY! So I know the “historical background” of your double security policy. But as you’re writing “…turned out to be nothing”. Hey, it’s your business only, but from an theoretical perspective: DOES MIND FUCKING COUNT? Nothing happened indicating to you that just the pill is not sufficient. There are statistics which were out before. So it’s psychological! Then, taking into account that the statistical 2% or 3% failure of the pill is mainly fed by those women not being disciplined enough to take them regularly, for me the question comes down to:

- Should a man order lamb skin condoms oversea and wear TWO condoms (one lamb skin and one latex) when having sex

or should the couple, what seems much easier

- install a double check routine for the intake of the pill, where he participates in! (This would be my choice, f*cking with TWO condoms?- I can’t even stand (no pun intended) ONE!)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

meh, y’know…

Originally posted by secjay
“Well now we are back on condoms to be doubley sure (we had a pregnancy scare that turned out to be nothing)”

Scare being the operative word, right?


true dat.

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