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Condom EQ

Condom EQ

Hi guys, hope all is well : )

My question pertains to the quality of an erection after having put on a condom. In the past, I remember a couple times where I would be totally rock-solid to fuck my girlfriend and then as soon as I put on the condom, for some reason, I would lose some of the erection.

Is there any reason for why this occurs?

I’ve also noticed that this scenario doesn’t occur whenever I have unprotected sex. However, I’ve only gone bareback a handful of times yet each time everything was cool. Anyway, here’s my second question:

“What do you guys do that enables you to keep a rock-solid erection while putting on a condom or wearing one?”

Yeah I know, you would think that the hot girl in front of me would be enough. This is very true. But I just don’t like the idea of something so tight around my dick. Maybe I’m wearing the wrong condom? Maybe not. This leads me to my third and last question:

“What's your guys' #1 favorite condom? (Brand and model)”

Thank you for your time.

1. I would have this problem the first few times I began having sex.

2. Jelq. This always helps my EQ.

3. I like the Trojan XL. Although if I see a studded condom dispenser in the men’s room I will get one of those for the heck of it.

Sometimes the condom is too tight or too small, that has a definate negative effect on my erection. Also the fact that I’m now going to feel 50-100% less than I would have without the condom can have the same effect.

I have no tips for anti-condom erection techniques, except to find a girl that will let you go without.

I agree, Trojan magnum XL’s are all I use when possible. Although I’d prefer them a little thinner and less tight, but then I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the condom wouldn’t it?

Measurements as of June 29, 2005 eg: 6 inch bpel: 7.2 inch nbpel: 6.3 inch My Goal eg: 7 inch bpel: 8.9 inch nbpel: 8 inch Have A Nice Day! :)

I have the same problem. One approach is to take the large/loose condom idea to the extreme, so that you really move around inside the condom and are stimulated by the inside surface of the condom as you move within it.

A good example of this style of condom is the Tojan Magnum Ecstasy. The top three or four inches of this condom is very large in diameter, while the rest is normal Magnum size. You could put this one on with the top inch or so of it hanging off the end, then slide that extra part back on before entry. Then as you move in and out, you are actually moving inside the condom for at least part of the stroke. It feels like it’s about to slip off, but the bottom normal-sized part keeps that from happening.

A somewhat smaller version of this is the Trojan Twisted Pleasure.

I have to say that this style condom works a lot better for me. Using a normal, snug-fitting condom, even a super thin one, leaves me not being able to feel anything. But these huge-headed ones feel completely different, and at least I have some sensation. The slipping-off feeling is a bit disconcerting in the beginning, but then you realize that isn’t going to happen, and it really feels great.

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