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Colour of glans

Colour of glans

What is the colour of your glans? I have been told that the colour of the glans deepens with age and sex experience, and that you can actually tell whether a man is sexually active by looking at his glans, i.e. the darker it is, the more experience he has. The colour of my glans has changed a bit in the past few years from reddish pink to now a dull white. Sometimes I wonder whether it is due to the fact that I keep my foreskin retracted more and some sort of toughening up has happened? Please post your experience.

Never heard of those things. Glans color is individual, most black guys have dark glans, whte guys pink glans. Uncut guys pinkish glans. Thats the way I know it.

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If the foreskin is always open, the glans is brighter, because a creatine layer forms, which also provides for a further desensitization, which may also mean a stimulus and loss of feeling. Therefore, I keep my foreskin closed and open it only for masturbation, urinating and washing. I would never let myself be circumcised because one can masturbate with pre-excellence.

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