Man from personal experience and researching too. Smoke a little marjuiana and I get horny (research= small dose marijuana increase testosterone by like 5-10 times). Lots marijuana I get tired and hungry and maybe loveyish sometimes if not too much. Long term decreases Test levels so bad for you. I like to smoke a tiny bit before sex too relax me and makes me more focused and hornier. Everything feels 100 times better and orgasms amazingly better but too much and I’m too stoned to really get hard and pound away but love other stuff kissing, licking etc. Well thats my personal take on it hope it help, try yourself just dont smoke copious amounts every day. If I have a few drinks to get a bit drunk then smoke a bit I get really horny.

BUt like they say with many drugs and especailly marijuana its were your mind is at that is how you will feel. I take it for the purpose of feeling more ‘sexual’ these days. If I smoke with mates for a laugh and play video games, listen too music, watch a movie it’s different. If i smoke in a place I’m not comfortable or with peopl I dont really know I get paranoid and withdrawn.