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Coagulated Sperm

Coagulated Sperm

Hi all

Would a mod be able to move this to the Male Sexual Health forum please, I am unable to post there yet. Thanks.

Does anyone have any information on coagulated sperm? I’ve noticed mine has been like this for quite some time now. Sometimes the consistency will vary greatly.

For example I have noticed that sometimes when I follow a low carb diet, for example 200g protein, 60-70g fat (mostly monounsaturated fats) and around 50g carbs (Coming from veg & fruit) based on my body weight of 180lb that my semen is a lot less viscous in general.

When I introduce carbohydrates back which at the moment I’m currently eating around 350g per day while I’m strength training, the ‘problem’ seems to be more apparent.

I’ve also read that the coagulated semen should re-liquefy about 30 minutes after ejaculation, where as mine does not.

From what I’ve read things seem to point towards maybe a prostate problem or something to do with fertility issues? I was wondering if this could also be caused by low testosterone levels?

I did a short cycle of a pro-hormone a while back (Boldenone, Bold 200 by iForce Nutrition) and noticed while on cycle I had no coagulation what so ever. Hence why I’m wondering if it’s something to do with my hormone levels? After my cycle and PCT the coagulation reappeared once again.

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated.

Have you tried googling the problem. I did a quick look (I’m not a specialist so I won’t advise) But you might get some useful info there.


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It sounds like you just have a more dense semen lately. Semen and sperm are two different things, I suspect. The amount of fluids, the number of times you cum in a given period, what you eat: this all can make your semen more or less fluid.Some kind of PE techniques can also influence semen viscousity: jelqing and clamping, for example, can make your semen more dense.

Could the boldenone be responsible for this changes? It could. BTW, I’m not sure boldenone is a pro-hormone, it’s an anabolic steroid by what I know.

Try this little ‘experiment’ : jerk-off more frequently, and see if your semen changes.


How often would you suggest masturbating? At the moment I would generally say I only masturbate on average 2-3 times per week, 4 on occassion at most so not that often at all really.

I always drink PLENTY of water, but I think I might increase this again see if that also has an effect.

Also about PE effecting viscosity, that’s interesting. By dense, do you mean more viscous I take it?

(Also FYI, the product I took is a precursor to Boldenone)


Have searched around but there isn’t a huge amount of info out there about it surprisingly. Most of the links you will come across are generally of guys asking the same question as me, but with no definitive answer.

I have read that Vitamin C helps to prevent semen coagulation, but it doesn’t suggest at what doses.

Edging without cumming tends to make your semen more fluid. By dense, yes I mean more viscous. To increase semen production, there are some supplements that could help, give a read to these:
How to increase cum load
How to get more sperm.
Increased sperm production
What to eat or take to increase sperm load
Bigger sperm load
The more than north supplement guide to creating massive cumshots
Sperm Volumizer Tips

I don’t think you have any issues, but if you keep thinking about that, maybe speaking with an urologist could be well worth.

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