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Clamping and high blood pressure.

Clamping and high blood pressure.

Does anyone know if clamping causes your blood pressure to raise? Mine raised like 20 points on the systolic side. Anyone else ever measured it before and after?

Also is jelq linked to higher blood pressure?

I’d imagine getting an erection or being sexually aroused could cause a slight increase in your blood pressure. But a mechanical activity such as jelqing or clamping wouldn’t “cause” it to go up.

CouldnĀ“t the arm movements, the tightening of the grip and other things that happen when jelqing cause a false “higher” reading ?

I would recommend that you do not jelq while you are having your blood pressure taken.

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It doesn’t take much physical activity to get your blood pressure to rise above at rest levels. Try taking your blood pressure after eating. That makes my pressure go up as well. Anything to do with sexual activity has a pretty large influence on blood pressure so I would say what you are experiencing is pretty normal.

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I will go with your thoughts gprent. Thanks very much. i was getting readings of 148/83 with pulse of 78. I’m taking steps to get overall healthier this year.

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