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Circumsized People, Look here now!


You’re right, Wesla. I meant cervical. Thanks for the clarification. I knew if I threw out incorrect data, you’d be on my case.


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I’m uncircumcised and am glad my parents left it alone.

I had always assumed it had to decrease sensitivity (wasn’t even aware of the rest discussed in this thread) by the simple fact that mine gets irritated if the skin is pushed back while I’m wearing underwear.

I know two guys, my brother and a friend, who both had it done later in life. Both agree that it cuts down on the sensation, and the friend even had trouble maintaining erections for a while because of the contrast.

I only ever had one gf mention it, but there are a lot of things in the media (like an episode of Sex in the City) which make it appear we should feel inadequate for not being cut. To hell with that.


I agree with you and I only wish that I had not been circumcisied. I had it done when I was 27 y.o. I believe that nature wanted us males to be hold. I am considering restoring in the future.



Sorry to hear it man. What made you do it?

It’s tough in the US because so many men are circumcised, it has become the norm. There is so much stupid information spread to justify it as well.

I think a lot of it is just surgeons justifying their fee, and cut guys trying to feel better about it. I wouldn’t want to do away with any of the sensation I have now.

I can see people doing it for religious reasons if that’s their deal, but I’m Catholic, so there’s no need to go there

I still have alot of frenum myself. I am circumcised - but I don’t have any feeling there unless I press on that area. I have in the past placed a massager there. Man, what a feeling. Hope that helps.

I have no frenulum at all. The depth of what was lost to me when I was cut wasn’t made aware to me until about 6 months ago. I wish to got I wasn’t. I am very jealous every time I see an uncut cock.

Here are a couple of links for those so inclined. Take a look at the lost list on the first link. It’s a link maybe half way down on the left.


I actually started “uncircumcising” before I started PE and hope to continue. I just need to figure out how to best incorporate the 2.

someone tell me the point in circumsizing???????

someone tell me the point in circumsizing???????

There is no point other then decreasing the sexual capacity of a man. It first became wide spread outside of religious reasons, for no other reason then to cure boys of the “illness” of masturbation.

And even religious circ was not the mutilation that is associated witht the practice today. Generally it involved the removal of a minimal amount of “exess” skin that hung off the glans. All the specialised bits wer retained, as was full glans coverage.

Today it is perpetuated out of habit, misinformation, and $$$. The forskin industry is an amazingly profitable one.

I’ve got part of my frenulum left, though it was detached. A lot of it depends on the method of circumcision used. I know cut guys who still have a completely intact frenulum


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