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Circumsized People, Look here now!

I was circumsised at birth, as were my twin bro and my other two brothers (one older, one younger). There is really nothing left of my frenulem. Yet, the underside of my penis near to the head is still the most sensitive area of my penis, along with the glans. But I have wished I wasn’t cut and I even began to do some exercises to restore my foreskin some years ago. I think it would be nice to have the penis head covered so to protect it and to maintain its sensitivity. There seems real point in it being the way God made us. Jelqing has produced quite a bit of skin which now slides back and forth half way over the head, if I wish it so.

Only 20% of boys are circumcised at birth now in Australia. Public hospitals only pay for the procedure for Jewish and Muslim babies, as this is important in the religion they are born into.


Originally Posted by miguel27
I am not sure what you are referring to in your question. I am cut and all my brothers, and friends that I have seen naked are too (I’m not gay either) I do not know what should be or could be left behind after circumcision as I have nothing to compare myself to. I you could explain in more detail what you are asking about may get more responses.


I hope this link works. If not just search for penis anatomy and look up CIRP. They have pics and links to various anatomy forums.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

Darn it, correct page but wrong set of pics.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

Since when are guys at Thunder’s worried about whether someone is gay or not? Personally I don’t think that you have to state whether or not you are gay when talking about penis’, this is a forum where the male sex organ is the main topic. No one here is going to assume that a guy is gay because he asks a question about his dick, or another man’s dick, this is how PE has come to be what it is today, by asking those questions and sharing information. And by the way I still have my frenulum entact, and it is super sensitive.


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I don’t think gay or not is an issue here at Thunders. We’re all in the same boat. We all want bigger dicks, no matter how we use them.



That tongue analogy was good. Now I know what you mean, and yes, I do have mine. All this talk of extra sensitivity in uncut guys’s wands makes me now resent having been circumsized. I never cared before, because it was normal for me. Not much I can do now, anyway.

Re: Circumcised penis

Here is a pic of my circumcised penis

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If that really was your penis and those two asian guys your lovers, you might want to post your pic to the members pics, not here.

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Re: Circumcised penis

Here is a pic of my circumcised penis

Your hands are the most sensitive part of your body, just the tip feelings lead to more action :)

My frenum is over 1” long when I’m erect. The color is way different and the sensitivity is ~way there!

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I was circumcised at age 25 yo because paraphimoses. A very small peace of my frenulum was left and because my penis when erect becomes almost double of the flacid size, those docs cut me very tight. Another major problem of circuncision is the lost of the penis head sensation over the years after the procedure. Those who were circumcised at birth will never be able to feel the difference, but since I was circumcised at age 25 i can feel it.


Mine is intact, and it was done before WWII. So there were doctors back then who knew what they were doing. He also left a lot of skin besides, so mine is often hooded. That area is very sensitive.

By the way, I understand that women who have sex with uncircumcized men have a higher rate of ovarian cancer, for what it’s worth.

I Want 8 is right. We don’t give a shit whether you’re gay or straight. We’re here to improve our self-image, our penile health, and our sex lives.


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Originally Posted by horsehung

By the way, I understand that women who have sex with uncircumcized men have a higher rate of ovarian cancer, for what it’s worth.

That’s cervical cancer, not ovarian. And it isn’t that the female partners of uncircumcised men have higher rates, it’s that the partners of circumcised men have a lower rate. There is still some controversy surrounding the 2002 study due to its methodology.


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