I’ve had a circ as an adult and I can say that for me there has been no loss of sensation. Sex feels better now than before.

I was getting pretty torn up from a lot of sex. If my wife and I had sex three times in one day, I’d get all these little rips around the head and they killed. It hurt to pee.

I had enough of it and got circed and I couldn’t be happier. :)

It’s been two years now and it feels just as good or better than it did before. We also had our son circed. I’d rather save him from the pain of getting it done later in life.

When you’re recovering you cannot get erections. And that sucks, especially because my wife is a real looker. I made the mistake of going down on her while recovering and busted a stitch. Blood was going everywhere. It healed kinda weird but looks okay now.

I’m glad I had it done and would do it again. I am glad it’s over with though. It sucked, but I’m glad I did it.

"Kids you've tried your best and failed miserably... the lesson is, never try." -Homer Simpson