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has any gotten circumcised as an adult or know any info about it?? i was wondering if it were painful, afterwards will it be hard to do any activities even walking. also, i am 18 but live with my parents still and i am under their insurance plan. could i get it done without them knowing, or since i am under their plan i will need their authorization? it think it will be free because were military so i don’t think they will get billed, but just wondering since im under them i will need their permission. thanks

1. Welcome.

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3. Why do you want this surgery? Do you have a particular problem?

4. Use the search button (top right of every page) and look for “circumcision AND adult” and you’ll find some discussions for and against.

Sorry about the post. I tried to edit it but the time expired. I want to get circumcised because i live in the US and the attitude towards uncircumcised penis’s isn’t like the rest of the world.

You mean from women?? Man, it’s your dick. Don’t let the attitude of others make you change your dick.

Oh, wait. That’s why we’re here. :leftie:

Circumcision isn’t to be taken lightly. Since your reason for wanting it is essentially cosmetic, I doubt insurance would cover it.

Do you understand why you have a foreskin and what you’d be losing? You can probably guess which side of the argument I’m on.

Routine infant circumcision is not done nearly as often anymore; the numbers have dropped way down, so eventually, the norm will be uncut. Don’t even bother.

I understand your problem, but if you lived in Northen Nigeria would you be arguing for circumcision for any female family members?

It always takes a certain amount of courage to be different. The question is are you thinking of this because you think its a problem having a foreskin or because you have felt some pressure on you by others to have it removed?

Is there a specific incident where its caused a problem?
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I did a search and read a long thread on it. I haven’t had any problems but everyone can say don’t worry about what other think, its yours. But that doesn’t mean that they still wont tease and talk about you. I am just afraid that one day l’ll be with a girl and she won’t like it and tell everyone and then I will always be teased. If it was normal over here i wouldn’t have a problem with it. Since the attitude over here isn’t as good, it doesn’t matter if I am doing it for myself or someone else. If OTHERS have a problem with it, and they talk I still will be embarrassed either way.

Hi James, a few of my friends that told me they’re uncut claim women never mention it. They say some women even like it more when a guy is uncut. I say fuck America’s attitude about it and keep your foreskin.

If you are worried about being teased that seems like a terrible reason.

You sound quite young, maybe you should put off any decision until you’ve had a fair amount of experience. I’ve never lived in the US, so I guess I don’t know the intensity of any peer pressure but I’ve had sex with quite a few Americans and there was never a mention of my foreskin, let alone it being a problem.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I think I will wait until I have had some more partners and see how it turns out> Thanks alot for the help though. Atleast now i won’t go out and do something that i might end up regretting.

Well James,

I’m American and grew up here in the ‘80’s and I don’t recall circumcision ever being an issue. Certainly not in the lockerroom amongst guys. I assume, therefore, that none of the girls cared either because I never heard any of them complain about all the guys who were uncut… and they were getting busy just as much as the rest of us.

If people actually make fun of you where you live, I’d guess you just live in a weird part of the country. ??? Things will all change when you move to wherever you go to college or get a career etc.

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I did

Hi, I`ve been circumcised 6 months ago. I am 22 and even though I don`t really understand why or how I managed I had a pretty active sex life.

I had to be circumcised because I tore my frenulum and when it healed it wasn`t elastic enough anymore.

To tell you the truth it is better. I last longer, it is much easier to keep clean and peing is much much easier. When I first attempted 1 year ago my foreskin was causing me so much trouble that I rarely managed to complete a session.

It is not that painful. It is uncomfortable. The only problem is when you get excited (and after 2 weeks of no sex you do get excited). I will just say that if you stitch something that at a certain point stretches to twice it`s original size it doesn`t feel right…


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