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Is it true it makes your penis bigger? (I am getting this done for religious reasons)

Also. Is it better to do penis enlargement before or after circumcision? It may be a year or so before I get it done.

I have never had much experience with PE.

Circumcision makes your penis bigger? Well, in a way. I mean you’ll see more of your head but bigger no not really. If you want to picky about you’re really losing square centimeters of meat here buddy.

In regards to your second question, circumcised or uncircumcised any guy can do PE. the only caveat would be to take a break if your feeling sore from the skinning.

I do not think that it will make you bigger.


When ever you remove part of something it gets smaller not bigger. Simple fact.

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Originally Posted by Krod
When ever you remove part of something it gets smaller not bigger. Simple fact.

He made a good point there lol.

Actually, right after circumcision your penis will be bigger. But it’s only because it gets really swollen at the head, and there

Is no way you’ll be even able to test out the extra size with someone of the opposite sex.. Or yourself for that matter.

I know this because my friend who’s 19 just got his wiener snipped. And he hasn’t been able to wear anything besides

Pajama pants for the last few weeks. Good luck my friend.

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Your body, your choice. But I recommend reading the following sites before getting circumcised for any reason.

Good luck and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Whenever I hear about an adult going for circumcision for other than medical reasons, I get clueless.

It’s your choice and good luck with it, whatever you chose!

Did you think about these?

- Is your relation to God a matter of foreskin? If that is a sacrifice to prove your attachment, then there are many more useful other ways to prove it

- If God would like us without foreskin, we were born like that

- If your genitalia is so important to God, maybe He doesn’t want you to make it bigger than He designed it.

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Originally Posted by ZjjxL

I am getting this done for religious reasons

Do your homework and only have as much taken of as you must.

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it will make your penis smaller, i had mine in later life, its chopping off all that lovely saggy skin so the skin becomes tight, your flaccid will be allot smaller as your glans will be pull by you tight skin, almost like a turtle effect, it will effect your erections as well.

It is however cleaner, more ascetically pleasing, and makes you less likely to contract three different STD’s, so its up to you?

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I am cut and your flaccid will be definitely smaller. Erect length will be same tho.

Hell no! It wouldn’t change except the look of course. In my opinion, since I was circumcised at a later age, I like how my cut penis looks but I like how my uncut penis feels, hahaha. So go figure yourself.


Uncut it looks better!

Cropping without a medical indication is nonsense, I’m glad I still have my foreskin, it can be great to masturbate with it. With cleanliness, I have no problems because I washed the glans (penis) in the retracted foreskin, twice a day and after use (masturbation, Sex).

But remove the prepuce frenulum (Frenulektomy) I can only recommend that the benefits are:

First The foreskin can be pulled further back, thus enabling greater stroke during masturbation possible and the foreskin is moving.

Second The penis looks better because the foreskin can be pulled back almost unwrinkled.

Third The penis can be kept clean much better.

I removed the frenulum with three interventions themselves completely. But everyone does the same urologist.

Masturbation is better than sex!

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