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I would like to get circumcised for esthetic reasons. Here in Sweden this cost about 2400 US dollars. Does anyone knows a cheaper place to do this operation? Perhaps Thailand or Tallin?

I’m sure those places are cheaper, but I wouldn’t advise you go there.

Quick google search tells me you can get it done in the UK for £700 (about 1400USD).

Overall, you’de probably be better staying at home.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

iamaru> does this method work?

2400 US dollar?? Here in Brazil one friend of my has paid 250 bucks. And he is doing pretty well, I am still in doubt if I get circumcisioned or not, still seeing the ups and Downs, and I don’t want regret.

What’s your age makavelia? And why you are thinking about getting cut?

I find it also a lot of money, I thought that it was something between €200-€400 around here.

I can’t imagine paying a 1 or 2 month salary to get cut..

Originally Posted by makavelia

I would like to get circumcised for esthetic reasons.

Just for looks? Be certain you know what you want and why. Reversing it is a bitch.

How the fuck can you reverse it?

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Originally Posted by spaghettidick
How the fuck can you reverse it?

If you google “Foreskin Restoration” you get lots of information how to do it. Basically you tug your dick for several years.
You can use tape and a rubber band somehow. “T-taping” is a popular method. Or you can use some dedicated device, for example a “DTR” or a “TLC tugger”.
But to cut of the most sensitive part of your dick does NOT make sense to me.

Moreover your dick get smaller by cutting off parts of it.
Does not seem like good thing to me, especially not if you are interested in enlarging your dick.

Growing skin

I have heard of uncircumcised men retracting their foreskins and making them stay retracted somehow. I don’t remember the technique, but it involved some kind of sleeve or wrapping to keep it retracted. After a while it stayed back on its own.

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