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Circumcision - Yes or No


Circumcision - Yes or No

I know it had been talked about here many times… but still, I’d like some updated opinions from our members. Some of you might have checked my “Condom advice” thread where I mentioned my foreskin causing me trouble with the rubber.

Would you suggest circumcision? I read that It’s cleaner but at the same time it reduces pleasure or something like that. I have seen guys have circumcision…and other guys on the forum do foreskin restoration.

Yes or No?

This condom issue is really messing with me.

If you mods consider, you could merge this thread with the Condom Advice thread…but I considered it’s a different topic that needs a thread of its own.


Bottom line: I say NO! End the end (of your penis, ha ha). It is YOUR body and YOUR decision.

I am an advocate of child genital integrity. I think circumcision should be a decision that only the owner of the penis should make as an adult. I also believe the medical profession should clearly lay out the pros and cons of the procedure to the male before he makes that decision. This most often does not happen. There is also a lot of bogus crap studies. I think if the parents knew the real pros and cons, a great many would chose not to cut their baby boys.

I recommend doing a Google search of the issue and look at the pros and cons yourself. Below are some links to sites to get you started on your research. You will find many opinions. Try to cut through the bullshit and get the real information. Not crap on you tube etc.

I personally think there are many more advantages to having a foreskin than to being cut. I am cut and I don’t like it. I think it has negatively impacted my sex life with my wife of over 20 years. So I started doing foreskin restoration (FR) two years ago. At the pace I am growing I estimate it will take another 6 to 8 years to get the coverage that I want. Keep in mind that FR does not completely restore the foreskin. There are many small parts at the end of the foreskin/penis that are cut off and that will never come back, NEVER!

On several sites they show the pleasure of a man on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest/greatest pleasure. An uncut cut man is a 10, a cut man is a 3, and a restored man is a 7. All this is estimated of course. Many will argue this point, but I have noticed an improvement in sex with my wife and during masturbation with more skin on my penis. A man being cut does negatively impact the woman/partners pleasure as well.

One more point. Since you are on a penis enlargement (PE) site, I assume you want a bigger dick, not a smaller one. Cutting off part of you dick, the skin, makes your dick smaller in Volume (mostly girth). Most men want more size, not less. Cutting off a part of your dick will result in less penis to work with, period.

I started doing FR before I started doing PE. One day my wife said, “I like you having more skin. I think it also feels bigger. Is it bigger?” I said, “no not really, but more skin is increasing some of the volume and because I am not so tightly cut it allows more of my dick to come out from my body.” She smiled as she was playing with my dick and said, “well then, I really approve. So keep doing what you are doing.” At that point, just over a year ago, I looked into PE and started doing PE that week along with my FR. So far we both are enjoying my personal penis improvement program (PPIP), FR and PE together.

There are ways to work the condom that I think may help. I don’t have enough skin to do this yet and because I only have sex with my wife I don’t need to use condoms anymore. Keep in mind I have only read of this technique. Pull the skin all the way back with a little tension. Roll the condom onto your penis. Then allow the foreskin to move forward. As the foreskin moves forward roll more of the condom out as you need to and completely cover the penis skin. Depending on how much skin you have the condom can roll inside the fold of your skin as it moves along your shaft and possibly onto the head of your penis. This may help you.

Here are some sites that may be of help to get started in your research. If the hyper links don’t work, cut and paste the URLs into the web browser and hit enter. The first site is a FR forum. You can look in there to get an idea of how many men on this one site are trying to do FR and the issues they are dealing with having a cut penis.

I hope this helps you.
Good luck and happy gains.

4Foreskin ;)

Awesome post 4foreskin!

As a kid I use to be really self conscious about having fore skin, but all of the girls I’ve been with have not had any problem at all with it. Now I actually am thankful that I didn’t get cut as a kid.

I love this place!

Circumcision, if opted for it, is best done right after birth. When it is done later, as in an adult circumcision, you DO lose a very significant portion of sensitive nerves/skin area so that is something important to think about. Why is it most effective right after birth? Because after the procedure, the healing results in the areas around the glans to develop into sensitive nerves so it kind of acts as a reverse foreskin, if you can picture it. For a better understanding, if you have a foreskin now, roll it back and hold—this is what circumcised guys have since birth.

Why do I write as if I know what I’m talking about? Because I do. I was uncircumcised until 26, now 28, when I decided to get the procedure done. I do not regret it at all. I prefer cut. Now, there is sensitivity loss due to what I mentioned earlier—all that developed foreskin I had is largely gone so only my glans is sensitive and a small region of nerve area around the glans. My orgasms are not as powerful as before. BUT, I still prefer my circumcised penis now because of comfort, easier hygiene, easier PE (kind of—jelqing was easier as uncut), and just preference.

I guess if you have questions, just ask. I can go on and on but long posts are boring so I’ll just stop here. There are definitely benefits to circumcision and benefits to keeping the foreskin. I can provide actual experiences and explanations because I know, firsthand, the difference between cut and uncut since I was both.

Could the loss of sensation that comes with getting circumcised at a later age help with controlling ejaculation?

I love this place!

1. Same question as Scackman. Do uncut guys kinda last longer?

2. Do you other guys agree that uncircumcised is more pleasurable for women?

Well, if you become circumcised at the adult or teen age, the foreskin has developed and removing the foreskin will cause you to notice a loss of sensation. The head is now exposed all the time, unlike years before, when the foreskin covers it. After a little time you will adjust to it.

Essentially, you will find that you may last longer due to this loss of sensitivity. Most guys argue the sensitivity issue a lot. Although there is a loss of sensitivity I still like it better because ***VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE*** there is no friction between the gliding of the foreskin during sex. Some may like this, but I hated when this happens when I was uncut. Example: During sex with a girl, what happens is when you pull back the foreskin glides in then when you thrust forward the foreskin glides out so you are NOT feeling the vaginal walls of the girl, you are actually getting the stimulation from your own foreskin! This was frustrating as hell for me.

Think of it this way: Take a long sleeve shirt, with your other hand stroke your arm with the sleeve. Notice how the sleeve rolls back and forth? Now, roll the sleeve back and do the same motion with your hand. Now, your hand will feel the wrist, the knuckles, the forearm, etc without the sleeve in the way! That’s the difference between having foreskin and not having foreskin.

So, I would say that you may most likely last longer.

In regards to uncircumcised being more or less pleasurable for women, that’s really a difficult question since I didn’t do a controlled experiment where I had sex with a girl before getting circumcised and then after and asked her opinion. LoL. But I can tell you that women in the US do prefer guys that are cut. Most do. I’ve had a girl say if I had not been circumcised, she would not have wanted to blow me.

Uncircumcised may be more pleasurable for her due to the friction (gliding of the foreskin) as I mentioned before, but it may not be great for giving blow jobs because she has to always be holding down the foreskin. Without a foreskin, it can be kind of hands free. This is a big plus for me because I remember girls sometimes pulling the foreskin back toooooo hard and it hurt.

Soooo, one idea I must address is the guys that want to leave the decision to circumcise up to his son when he is older, but this puts the boy at a disadvantage. While the respect and consideration is there, it really puts the son at a disadvantage because of what I was saying earlier—the foreskin will develop and get sensitive and if he does get circumcised, he’ll miss out on the sensitivity. If he’s cut at birth, his shaft heals and becomes sensitive so that, in essence, IS his “foreskin”—more area of arousal than if he has to do it later.

Scackman, Thanks.

Monet, I have not experienced what you have so it is difficult for me to challenge your statements. I do agree that it is your preference. It is one you can and should have as an adult. Not one that is taken from you without your consent or preference considered as a baby.

I don’t agree with your statement that early circumcision is better. I have not read anything about the penis compensating for the loss of nerves in that way if done early in life. Many men who have been circumcised for a long time actually say the opposite.

Without the protective cover of the foreskin the glans get less sensitive over time and become like leather with little or no feeling. The “small region of nerve area around the glans” is most likely the frenulum (on the underside) and the mucosa (the remainder of the former inner skin around the shaft) most newborn circumcisions take that away. So there is many times little “feel good” sensations for the male that is circumcised. This is because the glans are always exposed to the inside of your pants, etc, and over time become desensitized. This is not the natural state.

Scackman and iDare, Could the loss of sensation with being cut help control ejaculation or help you last longer? I would say with some reservation that circumcision may MAKE you last longer, but not because you have more control. I will try to explain.

How being cut may make you last longer is because you have less sensation. It may require you to go a lot longer and be more rougher/forceful during sex to get stimulated to climax. This does not allow you to “control,” because the activity is so vigorous you don’t FEEL the fine points of sex and “connect” with your partner. You are just slamming away. If you are connected and feel the activity you can control your rhythm and movement better. Control allows you to stop, slow, change position ever so slightly to have better control over when and how you climax and when she climaxes as well. With a more sensitive dick you can feel your way through the sex much better, and like Monet said, “My orgasms are not as powerful”.. after he was cut.

Do women prefer cut or natural? This is also a preference and what women understand as a norm. You will find answers on both sides of this so I need to be careful on this answer. This is my conclusion and I have no specific information to back it up.

In my reading on this I have come to this general conclusion. Women who prefer a cut dick prefer it because of the look. This is because this is what they are accustomed to seeing, at least in the US and other countries that have wide spread circumcision. The funny thing here is that most penis look generally the same when erect. On a natural penis the skin is pulled back enough so the glans are exposed. Kind of like a cut one??

Women who prefer a natural dick do so because of the way it feels to them. There is a natural gliding action with an uncut penis that you don’t get with a cut one. The male doesn’t have to slam away to get off and has more of a smooth motion against the clitoris (stimulating them more) and the sense of closeness that most women prefer. This is because women want an emotional connection and it seems to them like they get that more with a natural penis.

Please keep in mind the comments on woman preferences are generalities. Normally every time you do that you miss the mark on a large segment of the population. Each woman is different.AND each individual woman will want something different at different times of the hour, day, week, month, year, etc. That is what makes them so much fun, at least for me.

I hope this helps you. Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)


For those following the pro vs anti-circumsion debate, here is main issue: sensitivity. I do agree and will say that uncircumcised penis ARE more sensitive because the glans is covered at all times and is exposed only in terms of arousal. The purpose of the foreskin is to protect the glans, keep it sensitive for intercourse, and roll back when you are erect.

When circumcised, the glans and the area around it is always exposed and during the day may get a bit dry, for example. That doesn’t say it’s not sensitive, but that it isn’t AS sensitive as had it been covered with a foreskin.

Even with this sensitivity issue in mind, I still prefer circumcision because of the friction/gliding foreskin issue I discussed previously. I feel getting cut enhances sex experiences. There are other reasons like comfort, aesthetics (I definitely think a cut penis looks better, feels better, and girls seem to prefer it), and easy maintenance.

I may have to make a list of pros and cons or something.

Thanks for all the info guys.

4foreskin, I had one friend tell me that she thought uncut guys were dirty. On the other hand, I’ve been with three girls and they all didn’t have a problem with it. Funny thing, my girlfriend doesn’t know what a cut penis looks like.haha, she’s a keeper!

I love this place!

Don’t do it.

In time you’ll get married or have a girlfriend who’s on the pill and you won’t use condoms anymore.

Believe it and Achieve it.

Originally Posted by monet
best done right after birth

Well I strongly disagree with that not just on the basis of human rights, but also on the grounds of the quality of the surgery. If you are cut after puberty, you have some idea how much slack you are willing to lose. Cutting in infancy there is ZERO chance of delivering a certain style of cut even if the cutter or person who hired him/her had a notion of the sort of cut desired. And you can Google “circumcision damage” to see the sorts of hideous cosmetic and functional outcomes from cutting in infancy that don’t manifest until after puberty (so they’re not mentioned on a parental consent form or counted among acute complication risks).

If you choose surgery as an adult you can shop for a surgeon you trust not to hack off too much and to stitch carefully and evenly. You can even choose a surgery that amputates nothing but leaves the foreskin hanging free of the glans 24/7.

Originally Posted by monet
you will find that you may last longer due to this loss of sensitivity

But pematurity is learned and can be unlearned. Basically spend more time licking your partner beforehand and more effort rubbing her with your hands during intercourse. 80% of the world is intact and doing fine.

Originally Posted by monet
the foreskin glides in then when you thrust forward the foreskin glides out so you are NOT feeling the vaginal walls of the girl, you are actually getting the stimulation from your own foreskin!

You’re feeling her on the way in at least. That’s how sex works. It’s nature at her most bloody brilliant. The vaginal walls cause your exquistely sensual skin tube to slink over you while the enfolding skin tickles her g-spot as you withdraw.

Originally Posted by monet
without the sleeve in the way! That’s the difference between having foreskin and not having foreskin.

Well, there are various ways to stimulate a penis and the options only get reduced when you take away half the sensual pleasure-receptive nerve endings. As men tend to get less responsive with age, I’d be scared as hell to do anything that might hasten the day when I couldn’t climax at all.

Originally Posted by monet
I can tell you that women in the US do prefer guys that are cut.

And I can tell you most don’t know the difference. I find the “eww gross” reaction to be a good stupid skank filter.

Originally Posted by monet
Uncircumcised may be more pleasurable for her due to the friction (gliding of the foreskin) as I mentioned before, but it may not be great for giving blow jobs because she has to always be holding down the foreskin.

Only if she doesn’t know how to pleasure the skin itself. It’s not the wrapper it’s the candy. I’m sure mens’ foreskin sensitivities vary just as womens’ ability to be easily aroused varies, but most guys would love someone gnawing on the skin (with lips, not teeth) while it’s rolled forward of the glans. And plunging a tongue between the skin and glans to swirl around? Can’t beat it.

Originally Posted by monet
I remember girls sometimes pulling the foreskin back toooooo hard and it hurt.

That’s what happens when people don’t use their main sex organs, the brains. Ask and tell.

Originally Posted by monet
If he’s cut at birth, his shaft heals and becomes sensitive

I’m not convinced of that at all.

Tugger, you have almost a mission against circumcision so whatever I say will not convince you. You have a business targeting “restoration” which I think is ridiculous, but hey, if that’s what sells then all power to you.

I’ve laid out what I experienced as a guy who had the procedure done recently. I made my arguments pretty clear. You wait till you circumcise as an adult and you will definitely lose the majority of the sensitivity you’re used to. That’s why doing at birth is better, because it heals and the top 1/4th of the shaft are sensitive nerves.


With PE it may be possible to grow to fill your foreskin. Skin holds many of us PE’ers back and many wonder with a foreskin how much extra length would show due to not being held back by base skin.

PE and fill out your foreskin. Then no dangerous surgeries which affect nerves and blood vessels.

iDare, Where you able to look at some of the information on the Internet? If you have what are your thoughts or questions now?

Scackman, Agree. I don’t see how having a foreskin makes a difference in “dirty.” That is really funny. Then I guess most of the men in the world are dirty.

Monet, I absolutely agree that if you are circumcised as an adult you will lose the majority of the sensitivity that you are use to. There are many differences in adult and infant circumcision. A major one is who makes the decision. I firmly think that if it is my body it should be my decision on what to do with it. I think there is a term for it. Freedom.

But in regards to your comment on difference in sensitivity with infant circumcision, that person never knows the difference and what he has lost. Because you were done as an adult you have described what you have lost very well. And that is great for you, BUT there is no medical proof what so ever to support your assertion that nerves are re-mapped on the penis to compensate to what is cut off as a child. None.

Take care and happy gains.

4Foreskin ;)


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