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Circumcision Scar -- Bad or not?

Circumcision Scar -- Bad or not?

Well I just looked through the members pics section and noticed some things.
First though I must state that I have not seen alot of penises and wasn’t one to ‘look over’ in the urinal and never bothered with this issue before anyway.

Well the thing is that I am curcumcised and I am not sure if it was done bad or not.

Some pics in the members pics section made me question this.
This was the one that made me question if I had too much taken off or not Guess the size

With me the pink strip on the shaft under the head goes for about 1 1/2 inches and the scar below that to end the strip of pink isn’t really neat. :(

Sometimes it used to itch and I actually “masturbated” it to releive the itch rather than for sexual pleasure.

Just wondering how other circumcised men are as to the state of thier dics?

And on the scar line (I presume it’s that line that ends the pink strip on the shaft just under the head before the darker rest of the shaft begins) it used to peel skin from the scratching when I used to wear briefs, but now I switched to boxers.

Any insight is welcome :)

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Wow, no replies to this post, and its been over a year. Well I’ll reply, although you probably know the answer now anyway, Cascade, but just in case others want similar insight into the way another cut penis looks! My “pink strip” (although mines more of an orangy-pink really) also goes down my shaft from my head for about 1.5” although I think a quarter of an inch of that is actually the scar.

I’m happy with my scar. Its pretty much perfectly even all the way around my shaft, although it is more evident as a scar on one side of my penis. By that I mean rougher skin texture and very slightly browner (although there isn’t really that much browness of the scar altogether).

As for itching. Sometimes my scar will itch on the rougher side, but a quick scratch is all it takes for me to get rid of it.

Happy PEing! :D

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