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Circumcision in early 20's, a bad idea?


Circumcision in early 20's, a bad idea?

Right now, I am about half a month away from surgically removing my permanently weakened frenulum..

But as I’m getting closer to the operation, I’m starting to consider my options more and more carefully.
Can I just remove the frenulum, or would that look crazy and feel “floppy”?
In that case, should I do a circumcision? I’ve read a lot that the penis kinda looses much of its sensitivity, or is this bullshiat? I’ve heard Swedish doctors giving me both stories. Should I do a Low & Loose, or High & Tight?

Is there any guys on this forum who have had a circumcision as adults?

When my frenulum first broke, the doctor at the ER strongly adviced me NOT to get circumcised, but rather to let it heal… Now it’s been seven months, and my frenulum is just as bad.. That kinda killed his credability.

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

I’m fully cut, and a frenulum is the one thing I really wish I had. I don’t know the difference, because I’m completely smooth there, but the sensitivity I have where my frenulum should be makes me regret I had such a ruthlessly efficient pediatrician 46 years ago. It’s the closest guys get to having a clit.

If you haven’t already, I’d see another doctor and get a second opinion about your weakened frenulum before I had it removed.

Damn… That’s what I feared most. I got a mediccal examination and the surgical procedure scheduled the same day, so I will definately discuss this issue with that (new) doctor. Though I don’t think doctors in Sweden is that objective… Circumcision are rarely done here…

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

It is important to preserve the frenulum when a circumcision occurs, at any age. This area is loaded with nerve endings, highly sensitive during sex.

I don’t know what you mean by a “weakened” frenulum or why you would want to remove it during foreskin removal. But you and your surgeon better have a very clear and common plan before you have this done, so you don’t get any surprises.



Ok, I’ve now read through a +800 posts in a swedish discussion thread concerning this subject. 9/10 girls say that they prefer circumcised men. (Have in mind that circumcision is rare in Sweden). 10/10 guys that had it done due to tight foreskin, comment that it is the best think they have ever done.

But then, they didn’t mention the frenulum..

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

avocet8 : The frenulum is so stretched, it looks like a very deep V in it. Although it is fully healed with no irritation whatsoever, it is still very thin and the “V” remains. I guess this image kinda illustrates it.. (Though my thinnest spot is way more thin than on the image)

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Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

Hey Retainer,

I am uncircumsized as well. And I have thought about getting a circumcision when I was younger, but I’ve concluded not do follow through with it, because it was my God given nature. I understand that your frenulum has been damaged, but don’t you think it would be worse if you take even more away from it? Also, about the survey that women prefer an uncircumcised penis 9/10 that is VERY hard for me to believe. You should never believe polls like that anyway because that cannot possibly represent all of the women out there you know? I cannot personally empathize with you, but I would say to use more patience and just HOLD on a bit longer, and things will get better. I hope that helped a little.

Originally Posted by Retainer
Ok, I’ve now read through a +800 posts in a swedish discussion thread concerning this subject. 9/10 girls say that they prefer circumcised men. (Have in mind that circumcision is rare in Sweden).

How can 9/10 girls from Sweden say they prefer circumcised men when clearly most Swedish women will never see a circumcised man. Considerably less than 5% of all Swedish men are circumcised if I’m not wrong.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Okay, most of the girls said “I’ve never seen a circumcised penis, but I love my boyfriends uncircumcised one”. with 9/10, I mean’t the 20-30 girls who have actually experienced both (or commented by looking at porn/pictures etc.) Then, I think girls who have seen both and have an opinion, more often post in a circumcised/uncircumcised debate. I presented the numbers a little weird..

Back in the days when I had a working frenulum, I didn’t feel that much stimulation when my girls was licking it. I always felt way more around the tip, around the base of the penis, and especially around the base of the glans. Maybe I have a considerably unsensitive frenulum?

Maybe he can subscribe me a solution providing speeding the healing (and re-contracting) of the damn thing…

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

I would get circumcized if I were you, but then it is up to you to decide.

DON’T do it unless medically necessary.

Women’s preferences aren’t a rationale to get mutilated.

THAT is what it is- mutilation.

Female ‘circumcision’ is considered abhorrent by modern nations- and yet we cut up young boys without blinking.

Yes, I am cut, and the doc did a good job- my skin is nice and loose and my meat is considered quite pretty* among women familiar with cut weenies. Despite that I am NOT a proponent of circumcision- I had no say.

That isn’t your case, but would you cut off your pinkie if everyone else did? If a few women said they dug pinkie-less guys?

* Their words, not mine ;)

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I would NOT get circumcised! I am circumcised and I am trying to restore my foreskin and from what I have achieved I am pleased and will definitely go for more.

P.S. I think the ladies who prefer circumcised ratio IS backwards, girls I have heard comment love uncircumcised penises and my wife loves my extra skin. If you are that interested, due a poll here about circumcised preference now that we are getting more chicks here.

To be totally honest, I really don’t care about what girls think about the issue. Especially after watching that Penn and Teller Bullshit! episode about childhood circumcision. UUUGH. OK, it is very heavy propaganda. But they told no lies.

What I really care about, is that I NEVER experience any problems with my frenulum ever again. My sexlife and libido has gotten so damaged these seven months that I can’t even describe it. I can’t even dream, fantasize or yearn of penetrating my girlfriend anymore, without associating the whole experience with pain and agony.

Thanks for the input everyone, I am pretty sure I will not get circumcised. What to do with the frenulum, I think it’s best to let the doctor decide.

Start: 17 cm (6.70") - Now : 19,2 cm (7.56") - Goal : 21 cm (8.27")

On the general question of circumcision, try a Search. Endless rants from both sides have been written here.


I did the operation a year ago almost here in sweden, and I must say it’s the best thing I EVER did.

I had to do it by medical nature and I’m getting 42 this summer :)

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