I am uncircumsized, and all I can say, is for many years, I considered getting circumsized for one reason. And that was because I thought that I was too sensitive, which resulted in me not being able to last very long. So I tried various methods to desensitize, but in the end, what I have found, is that lasting longer had nothing to do with that.

I can’t say what it feels like to be cut, so I can’t argue the point of which is really better (for the guy). I know that visually, women in north america are more used to seeing cut, and probably prefer cut in that sense. But when it comes down to the deed, I don’t think it makes any difference for the woman.

It’s never been an issue for any woman I have been with. In fact, it was sort of a novelty, in that some had never even seen an uncut one. So there were some instances, where it peaked their curiosity when I told them I was uncut, and that worked to my advantage ;)