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Anyone ever have experience with the treatment of chlymadia? A few weeks ago I started noticing the signs of it, so I got it looked at right away, I took the antibiotic for it and the symptoms almost disappeared after 4 days, almost. I don’t have any of the discharge anymore, and it doesn’t hurt to pee like it had, but for about a month now after I got it taken care of I still think theres something there, maybe I’m just paranoid.


The same happened to me years ago when I had it. I took the prescribed antibiotic as directed (erythromycin, IIRC) and still felt something a little odd for weeks after. I wondered if I needed another course or perhaps a different antibiotic. The feeling and/or paranoia eventually went away. No signs of infection since.

Thank you very much, I read in the information that they gave me that 95% of the time the one dose will get rid of it. I am just paranoid that I might be that 5%. But hopefully it’ll work out like it did for you.

I don’t know about single dose treatments. I had this about 14 years ago. Protocols may be different now.

Anyone given a prescription to be taken over a period of days should be sure to take all the pills as directed, even if the symptoms subside earlier. Some tend to take antibiotics only as long as they experience symptoms, then stop short. That is bad practice and is what contributes to drug resistant strains.

I took erythromycin for 7 or 10 days (don’t remember exactly, but it was at least a week). The odd feeling continued for a few weeks after that. I had a bad case according to the doc. My girlfriend at the time tested positive for chlamydia. We had been fucking for months, so I assumed that’s what I had. She didn’t have any symptoms and only got tested after mine became apparent.

It was nasty. Itchy urethra, somewhat painful, with a lot of whitish pussy discharge. Not fun. That episode taught me a lesson about safe(r) sex. What if the disease had been something worse like hepatitis or HIV? Makes you think. Or at least it should.


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